• From Scoopy Sr. Top three most embarrassing impeachable moments to be revealed in Starr's back-up evidence.
    • White House tape of President rebroadcasting a game without the express written consent of Major League Baseball.
    • Security tape of President and Lewinsky robbing a 7-Eleven
    • Grand Jury tape of President grabbing crotch and telling Starr, "impeach this, report-boy"
  • Today's Images
    Hot off the Presses
  • Lene NystrÝm of the rock group Aqua has been one of the most talked about women on the web, and has just started to be the subject of fakes. Well, boys, these ain't no fakes. Appearing yesterday and today in Denmark and Norway is Ms. NystrÝm without her top. This is a little (but nice) sample for you
  • Here's Cheeba's scan of the entire Lene NystrÝm layout in the magazine "Se og HÝr". This magazine is kind of a slimy Scandinavian version of People. Although it means "See and Hear", many Norwegians call it by a sound-alike title that means "Seed and Whore", so I think that gives you the flavor. Cheeba is an exceptionally good scanner, but he had to make do with the poor quality of the paper in this magazine. (I used to live in Norway. Of course, I loved this magazine because it was about the only one I could read. I'm no Ibsen, and the mag is written on the reading level of a 10 year old ... which matched my ability! Tell you how dumb a magazine it is, with my crappy Norwegian I could even do most of the crossword puzzle.) Anyway, the scans still came out nice
  • Here's Cheeba's scan of Lene NystrÝm in a one-piece swimsuit. There is no nudity here, but you can see quite a bit through the suit. Cheeba is from Norway, and th scans are hot off the presses..
  • Here's another CheebaScan of Lene NystrÝm. She is photographed from the rear, and she is wearing a bikini bottom. There is no explicit nudity.
  • Denise Richards
  • We've got a huge edition today, so strap in and hold on! Kicking off this super sized issue of the Fun House, here's one of my favorites, and a hot web commodity, Denise Richards! And no, these aren't from "Wild Things".
  • A very special thanks to Scanman for sending these in for us to enjoy. I believe these mostly, if not all, come from her recent appearance in FHM.
  • Unfortunately, no nudity in these, but if you're a fan of hers, these great images should tide you over. Especially if you're into the pouty look. I think Denise is the only non-model celeb to have mastered the pout.
  • Denise Richards from Scanman #4.
  • Denise Richards from Scanman #5.
  • Denise Richards from Scanman #6.
  • One final look at Denise.
    From PAL
  • First up, the super sexy, 60's, 70's, and then some actress, Claudia Cardinale. Although I don't know good she looks now, she was definitely a babe back in her prime! I first remember her from 1969's "Once Upon a Time in the West". She was amazingly gorgeous! This vidcap is from a movie made in 1981, "Le Cadeau". She was 43 when she made it, and as you can see, she still looks fabulous!
  • Bo Derek? Who would have guessed it? Pal 'capped these from "Woman of Desire". It's nice to see a woman still looking great into her 40's, but still, poor ol' Bo is pretty much the poster girl for bimbosity. Personally when you age a little as an actress, you should also grow as an actress. It's great that she can still look hot naked, but after 20 plus years in the business, if that's all she has in her acting bag of tricks...Maybe I should feel pitty. But if I felt sorry for her, I might not poke fun at her...and that just wouldn't be right!
  • Bo Derek from "Woman od Desire" #2. This time see her in a love scene with straight-to-vid legend, Jeff Fahey.
  • One more PAL vidcap the movie "Le Cadeau". This time up, here's Clio Goldsmith.
  • Fun House Variety
  • Yes! It's Wonder Woman! From Kruger, here are a few excellent 'caps of Lynda Carter from her only on-screen nude scene from "Bobby Jo and the Outlaw".
  • A much better Applegate scan. This one came from Maxim I think. Anyway, a very sexy backless dress!
  • I guess these really belonged in yesterday's "Euro-Scoopy" edition, but it's never too late to post great images! So, here's the very sexy Spaniard, Natalia Estrada.
  • This time, a more festive Natalia Estrada.
  • More great stuff from Kruger! Believe it or not, I think this is actually the first vidcap of Kate Winslet from "Titanic" that I've seen since it hit video. You know, during the last 7 months, I'm not sure which has been over-hyped more, "Titanic" or the Bubba-Lewinsky thing! Maybe it's time for a CNN poll.
  • I guess I missed this Arthur Figgis scan yesterday, sorry gang. Here's Sophie von Kessel from "Alte Liebe, alte SŁnde"
    From Mac Hero
  • I suppose this next section is another follow up to yesterday's "Euro-Scoopy" theme. From a new contributor, here are even more German celebs. First, here's Petra Kleinert. Vidcaps from "Der Skorpion"
  • One more of Petra, this time from "Zwei Leben hat die Liebe".
  • Next, here's Nele Mueller-StŲfen. I don't know Fun Haus fans, if I had to make a comment based only on the first frame of this sequence, I'd have to say that she was one of those, pre-fall of the Berlin wall, East German women who were forced to take steroids starting at age 3 in order to become an ‹ber-gymnast. However, after viewing all of the frames, I have to say swimmer, not gymnast. She's too tall.
  • Also from "Der Skorpion", here's Birge Schade.
  • Finally from Mac Hero, here's German actress Lena Stolze, in the American movie "The Writing on the Wall".
    From Crow
  • From the man who loves to vidcap! Straight from the cable show "Rude Awakening", here's Bridget Ann White.
  • Bridget Ann White from "Rude Awakening" #2.
  • From the "Chucky" rip off that I'm sure Disney was all too happy to sue over, "Pinocchio's Revenge". Here's Candace McKenzie.
  • Candace McKenzie #2. Yes folks, it's actually the story about a Pinocchio doll that starts to kill people. As if the cartoon version didn't give enough kids nightmares about being kidnapped and turned into donkeys!
  • Candace McKenzie from "Pinocchio's Revenge" #3. As a bonus, you get to see the part of doll in this one!
  • Candace McKenzie #4.
  • A little trip back to the 80's this time, here's Melody Anderson from "Policewoman Centerfold". Don't recognize that one? Well she was also Dale Arden in the cult classic, "Flash Gordon". But to heck with all of the decent, and/or semi-decent roles she's had...She starred in "Manimal"!
  • Melody Anderson from "Police woman Centerfold" #2.
  • Melody Anderson from "Police woman Centerfold" #3.