TV Recap

The TV highlight was the premiere episode of Masters of Sex, a Showtime series about sex researchers Masters and Johnson.

Lizzy Caplan (who plays Virginia Johnson). Johnson died about a month and a half ago. Obit here.

Annaleigh Ashford

Helene York

Rebecca Ferguson did a nude scene in the American version of The White Queen, s1e5


Stella Arranz in the new episode of Aguila Roja, s5e8

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Synnove Macody Lund film clip (stills/collages below)

Valentina Alexeeva film clip (collages below)


Mafioso: The Father, The Son


Brainscan's comments:

Mafioso: The Father, The Son is a movie, I suppose, but I watched it at 8x speed so I am not the one to ask about plot details or performance.  Two scenes of interest were the default strip club scene and an old guy humping a young honey in a cheap motel room scene.  The strip club scene has to be there, just has to be, because this is a movie about the mob and there is this rule that says every movie with mobsters in it has to have one scene with strippers.  Gotta.  It's the one law mobsters obey.  The strippers in this club are a delightful looking Filipina named Hannh Pruna, a prudish Tara McMahon (you see her backside in a mirror, nothing more) and tall blonde Jaclyn Longacre.  Ms. Longacre posed for the Hefmag as Jackie Marie, used the same name on Howard Stern and then disappeared.  A tragedy, because she is/was a great looking woman.  And behind the scenes we see Mary Lou Garner giving the club owner a BJ to earn the right to strip for a living.  Them's the dues, I suppose.  Then the young gal doing the old guy is Tamela D'Amico.  She's the only one who spent more time making movies after this one was over.

Tamela D'Amico film clip (collage below)

strippers film clip (collages below)

Jacyln Longacre

Hannah Pruna

Mary Lou Garner


"Parade's End"


Rebecca Hall film clip

(collages below)

Adelaide Clemens film clip

(collages below)'

TV/Film clips

Magdalena Berus in Nieulotne (2013)

Porter Lynn in Touch (2011)


Jurga Jutaite in Vanishing Waves (2012)

Cristina Brondo in Between Your Legs (1999)