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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.









"Spartacus: Blood and Sand"

in 1920x1080


Erin Cummings (samples below)

Lucy Lawless (samples below)



After Life


This film features ample nudity of star Christina Ricci, but it also features something else --- a dynamite story.

Anna (Christina Ricci) awakes after a horrible traffic accident to find funeral director Eliot Deacon (Liam Neesen) preparing her body for her funeral even though he is obviously alive. Or is she? Eventually, Eliot convinces her that she is indeed dead, and he has the ability to communicate with the dead. Anna is forced to face her own death, but her fiancÚ has a hard time coping with reality.

A different kind of horror/thriller that to me was very interesting.

Christina Ricci


Jessica Alba's side view in Machete. Appears to be mostly CGI.

Betsy Baker in The Evil Dead

Ellen Sandweiss in The Evil Dead

Ariadna Gil in Walking Vengeance

Anne Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married in HD

Emmanuelle Seigner in Frantic

Carol Shaya in Silent Prey




The women of Storytelling: Aleksa Palladino and Selma Blair

The women of Risky Business: Francine Locke, and Rebecca DeMornay (720p)

The women of Boogie Woogie in 1080p. Needless to say, that means Heather Graham topless. Also: Gemma Atkinson, Meredith Ostrom, and Jaime Winstone.

Louise Bourgoin in two films: La Fille de Monaco and Les Aventures extraordinaires d'Adele Blanc.

Nasty Kinski in Falsche Bewegung. This was her screen debut. She was credited as Nastassja Nakszynski, and played a mute.

Diane Kruger film festival (sample below each):


Joyeux Noel

L'Age des Tenebres

The Piano Player