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Malicious (1995) is a low budget straight-to-vid example of the bunnyboiler genre started by Clint Eastwood in Play Misty for Me, and made famous in Fatal Attraction.

This time the guy is a premed student and baseball jock. His girlfriend goes off for the weekend for an interview at Stanford, and he ends up in the sack with Molly Ringwald. He gives Molly a second shot the same weekend, and then finds himself with a serious problem. She believes they are now a couple, and constantly tries to insinuate herself into his life. Further, she is in med school, and is the TA in one of his classes, so she can't be avoided. Not only does his girlfriend figure out what happened and leave him, but he is in danger of losing his shot at a pro contract with the San Francisco Giants because his preoccupation with Molly takes his mind off of his game. There is, of course, a final showdown. I bet you can't guess what the power hitter that Molly has always called "slugger" does to knock her out of an upper story window.

I have seen the same "obsessed female stalker" plot time after time, and it seems a little worse each time it is remade. Play Misty is rated 7.0 at IMDb, and Fatal Attraction a less respectable 6.7. This one is rated 4.7. Ringwald was fine in the lead, but frankly peaked in Breakfast Club and 16 Candles, and has never found the right roles since. She is certainly attractive enough for female leading roles, and proved her comic ability early in her career opposite comedy geniuses and with great material. I hope she finds her adult stride. If you enjoy this genre, you might also like this example, making it a C-.


Molly Ringwald



Sarah Lassez











The Stalker

A little soft core erotica today. This one is short on plot but it is a real "Boob-fest".

Cute and sexy Tracy Ryan stars and shows off the tits.

Tracy also has the obligatory lesbian scene with Monique Parent.


Porn star Tera Patrick gets in on with a couple of the boys while showing some nice T & A.




Tera also does the lesbo route with an unknown actress.



Our unknown returns and does it with a guy this time.









Notes and collages


Heidi Mark, Season 2, Episode 5

Heidi is the succubus in this episode ...






Latin Lover

Another visit to the lusty, R-rated Peruvian soap opera.

Malu Costa


Natalia Villaveces








Segunda Piel

Ariadna Gil tribute, part 3


Ariadna Gil











Laura Gemser in Violence in a Women's Prison


Higher quality pictures of Pam Anderson's topless stunt in the department store window. (It was a PETA thing, if my memory is right.)






The Apostate

After seeing Bridget White in 1997's Childhood's End recently, and enjoying the scene where she posed nude for her photographer brother, I decided to see what else was around for her. Turns out she played a model again in 1998's crime thriller The Apostate, this time an artist's model, and showed even more. She's done several movies (no more nudity, apparently) and a ton of TV including soaps and the 2007 TV pilot for State of Mind. The Apostate isn't great, but Bridget and Johanna Quintero both have cool nude scenes.

A priest who is also an accomplished artist views the scene of his brother's grisly murder, one of several gripping San Jan, Puerto Rico. After seeing the way the blood has been splashed on the wall, he recognizes that the killer is an abstract painter who is using the blood of his victims as art.

The rest of the movie consists of the priest, who is questioning his own faith, trying to assist his police detective uncle in identifying the killer.

It's pretty bad, partly because they cast pretty-boy Richard Grieco as the priest, and he flat can't act. They also cast Dennis Hopper as the bad guy, and although he really can act, it isn't enough to save this movie. Still, Bridget and Johanna do a good job and look great doing it.


Bridget White Johanna Quintero






A film clip of Juli Drajko and Judit Viktor in Severance. (Sample right)