Today's Images
More award stuff
  • Here's the rear view on that Rose McGowan dress. If you only have time for one pic today, you have to see this!
  • Rasslin'
  • What can ya say? Sable, Miss Jacqueline, evening gowns beyond Thunderdome. Two clothed women enter, one clothed woman leaves. This cap from Beercaps tells the story. Sable rips off Miss Jackies clothes, Jackie's breasts are exposed (think this helps PPV ratings?), then Sable rips off her gown and shows off her buns.
  • From Crow: Sable rips off jackie's gown.
  • From Crow: Jackie is in the ring momentarily topless
  • From Crow: Sable shows off her own buns
  • From Crow: Sable struts out in the thong
  • From Triple-J: one more frame of Miss Jackie
  • From Triple-J: one more frame of Miss Jackie
  • From Triple-J: one more frame of Miss Jackie
    Italian Beauties
  • After a long hiatus, the Italian Beauty series is back! I'm actually sitting on a bunch more, so stay tuned, this is just an appetizer. In fact, as it turns out, today's edition is more like a "Euro-Scoopy" edition. There are a few Americans in the line up too, but mostly we're featuring women and vidcaps that the majority of our viewers would not normally see. So, whip out your favorite International coffee, and join me on a little trip back to to all of the decent countries we Americans were kicked out of 100's of years ago. First up, our featured Italian Beauty of the day, Ilaria Galassi.
  • Ilaria Galassi #2.
  • Ilaria Galassi #3.
  • One last look at Ilaria. This one is my favorite of the bunch.
    From Arthur Figgis
  • Arthur Figgis always offers a very different flavor to the Fun House. (so change your coffee to beer I guess) Typically he sends us vidcaps from German TV and movies. First up is a prime example. This is Rebecca Simoneit-Barnum from the T.V. show "Lindenstraße".
  • More from German T.V., here's Sophie Schütt from "Zerschmetterte Träume - Eine Liebe in Fesseln".
  • Next up, here's Barbara Rudnik. Vidcaps from "Für immer jung". She has a ton of credits in her filmography, but because of the obvious culture difference, I can't tell if she's a good, hard working actress, or the German equivalent of a bimbo. I guess I'm not as worldly as I thought, sorry.
  • Next, here's Katja Riemann from "Nur aus Liebe". Again, this is another actress with a bundle of films under her belt, so is she a star, or a bimbo? Well, this time I thought I might attempt to guess. Judging by the translation of this movie, I was hoping that it would make a decent clue. As an example, Meryl Steep just doesn't have any dumb sounding movie titles on her resume. Except for "She-Devil", but that just makes my point. It's the only silly name in her filmography, and the only really bad movie she's ever made. So, going back to the English translation, is it a clue to determining her bimbosity, or is "Dangerous Dowry", simply a tragic mutation when taken from one language to another. Maybe I'll pass on that guess after all.
  • Susanne Bormann, vidcaps from "Raus aus der Haut".
  • This next one is actually our second set of vidcaps from the German T.V. show "Lindenstraße", here's Susanne Gannott.
  • Finally, this next one isn't a German vidcap, but certainly a rarity. If you're a fan of "Silk Stalkings", then of course you know Mitzi Kapture. Here she is in a nude scene from before her "Silk" days from the movie "Private Road: No Trespassing".
    From the Anonymous Guy
  • I wish we had more info on these women, but, if you know the Anonymous Guy...oh wait, I guess you really can't. If you did know him, then he'd no longer be anonymous. Damn paradox! If only Kirk were here to outsmart it. Sorry gang, I've been watching the digitally remastered episodes of classic Trek on the Sci-Fi channel. Maybe I should stop before I have the urge to put on rubber ears! Anyway, as I was saying, Anonymous typically sends us quality images of very minor league celebs. So minor league, that I consider this one to be famous. Here's Tevaite Vernette. Her only film credit..."The Bounty".
  • This next one is a real celebrity! Well in France anyway. Does that count? Here's Nicole Calfan.
  • Here's Leilani Ferrer, vidcaps from "The Harvest". You may not recognize her all that well here, but she's actually been in a few real movies too.
  • Here's another almost famous celeb, Kate Mcneil. Vidcaps from "Monkey Shines".
  • Annie Rubanoff, vidcaps from "Love Street".
    Fun House Variety
  • Two more hot off the press scans of Jennifer Lopez from the MTV whatever awards. I think this is the better of the two, but it does show Marky Mark Wahlberg, so if you can deal with that, go for it.
  • From Sing, another rare gem, here's Jennifer Grey topless and bottomless from the movie "Lover's Knot".
  • A close up of the topless Ms. Grey.
  • From Hugo...Great stuff, although not very "new", here's a very well done collage of Lisa Bonet from "Angel Heart". Personally, even though it's been a few years, I don't mind running any caps of Lisa naked. After all, I know it probably still drives Cosby crazy!