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Iben Akerlie in Haesjtaegg (s1e1)

(A new Norwegian show that debuted yesterday. Since I left Norway more than 20 years ago, I'm not sure about Norwegian terms that have been recently coined, but I guess from the pronunciation that it must mean "Hashtag" )

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"Eastbound & Down"



Elizabeth De Razzo



Johnny's comments:

i-Lived is a thriller about Josh (Jeremiah Watkins), a man who is going through a bad patch with no job, no money and avoiding his landlord and also recently broke up with his cheating girlfriend. He spends his time reviewing apps to no one and then he happens on an app called i-Lived, which attempts to improve your life in a goal-oriented fashion. One night, Josh goes out to a club with his friend Bobby (Chris Mena) who has a girl lined up for him, but that falls through. But then the i-Lived app starts messaging him and suggests that he pick up a girl from the bar. He decides on Greta (Sarah Power) and manages to hit it off with her. From there, Josh follows the advice of the app and attempts to improve himself, leading to more time with Greta, a job offer and remarkably his mother's cancer going into remission. Things are going extremely well for Josh until he decides to unsubscribe from the app and very quickly everything goes to shit. He loses Greta, his mother takes a turn for the worse and the job offer seems to have never existed. Back to where he was pre-app, Josh desperately re-signs to get his mother healthy again, but the app begins to make darker demands of Josh including kidnapping someone. And after reading the terms of agreement, he begins to think he's sold his soul to the Devil. When Josh kidnaps his landlord, things start looking up again, but is it all worth it? Ah, the old Faustian pact gets another run in a movie, always goes the same way and never seems to end well. Nothing new here, well maybe that the Devil comes in the form of a phone app, but apart from that you know the story. Gets by fine and Sarah Power is decidedly hot, but there's really nothing much more to recommend it.

Sadly, the source was especially dark during the sex scenes, so tough to see all the good stuff even after a significant brightening of the source. Thankfully, Sarah has a great nude scene from her appearance on Californication if you would like a better look.

Sarah Power 1080hd film clip (collages below)

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