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Mr Skin identified the woman who contributed full frontal nudity to Sunday's Boardwalk Empire

Erica Fae

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Angela Lemaltre

Jenna Lind

Mercida Ashley Olah

Breaking at the Edge


Johnny's comments:

Breaking at the Edge is a thriller about Bianca (Rebecca da Costa), who is pregnant with her first child with husband Ian (Milo Ventimiglia). The doctor advisers Bianca to take it easy and take certain medication as she has a history of mental illness and she may have to be hospitalised for the sake of the baby. Then, Ian's dad dies and leaves him and his brother Zach (Johnathon Schaech) some money even though they had nothing to do with him. Bianca sees a girl in the lift of that building and is intrigued by her. Then, she starts seeing the girl a lot more, as if she is haunting her. When a girl is found dead that is remarkably similar to the girl that Bianca is seeing, she investigates and what she finds out is a little too close to home.

A stock-standard junk thriller that has a bizarre ending which involves a character who's barely in the movie doing something which I'm sure would have had more damage if it was done for real. Then there's one scene, the nude scene below which is so bafflingly and out-of-place and it's how a character finds out an important piece of information, but I can't admonish it because it's a nude scene. Things like that happen throughout the movie, barely explained or justified. And what's with Andie McDowell turning up for 5 seconds and getting a high billing? Ah well...)

Rebecca da Costa and Brienne Davis film clip (collages below)

da Costa


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this Lake Bell nude set is from 2013, but still worth a look

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Gretchen Mol in Sunday's Boardwalk Empire - s5e2

Kim Morgan Greene in The Soft Kill

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