TV Recap

Brooke Smith did a brief topless scene in the new Ray Donovan (s1e11), seen here in 720p

Ester Sjogren and Lisa Karlstrom in "Der Kommissar und das Meer" episode "Fuerchte dich nicht"
I think Lisa is the blond who goes topless, but don't hold me to that.

I picked up some clips of Friday's Girls' Guide to Depravity, the season two premiere, but the clips are not really very good. They are theoretically 720p, but there's no sound and they don't seem to play at the correct speed. On the other hand - I got nothin' else right now, so here they are:

Find a 1080hd clip of Sophie Garagnon in the new episode of Enquetes Reservees in Defoe's area below

There's a clip of Marie Bunel in An Accidental Soldier in Johnny Moronic's section below.

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Catch the deluxe the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


A Prophet



Cindy Danel


Endangered Species


Brainscan's comments:

Monika Verbutaite has this one scene in Endangered Species as her only contribution to cinema history, but my oh my, what a scene it is.  Locker rooms and showers trail only strip clubs as a target-rich environment for this little hobby o' mine.  And Monika delivers with one of the most impressive pair in all of human history.  So after going through the scene frame by frame and cobbling together eleven collages I got to wondering why no one ever hired her to do another movie.  I would have written scenes just for her.  So I watched her one and only scene in real time and then I knew. Yes she had a body to die for but she exuded nothing - no light, no heat, nothing.  What a shame.  She is the opposite of Eva Amurri in Californication, who has the physical attributes and a killer attitude. 

Monika Verbutaite collages



Sophie Garagnon in Enquetes Reservees (s6e3) in 1080hd

Julia Faure in Ocean (2013)

Jennifer Delbourg and Laura Salvatore in Hesperides (2013). IMDb has no listing for this film, but it has a Facebook page

Jennifer Delbourg is joined by Justine Thibaudat in another clip from Hesperides

Helena Noguerra in Hotel Normandy (2012) in 1080p

Melanie Thierry in Ombline (2012) in 1080hd

Anne Conti and Valeria Golino in Ouf (2012) in 720p. Golino looks absolute incredible for 47 (see below)

"The L Word"

season one

Johnny Moronic continues to plow through season one in 1080p. He's now on episodes 11-13

Katherine Moennig collages below

Mia Kirshner clips (collages below)

Erin Daniels clips (collages below)

Shira Moss and Tiffany Sweeney clip (sample below)

Laurel Holloman clips (with Jennifer Beals non-nude; collages of each below)



An Accidental Soldier

2013; TV movie

Marie Bunel film clip (sample below)


TV/Film clips

Robin Thicke doing a cover shoot for Treats magazine with six topless models. That guy has a tough life, doesn't he?. Fortunately, Mr Thicke remains clothed here. The women are: Katelyn Pascavis, Kerry Doyle, Nicole Williams, Cassy Gerasimova, Sarah DeAnna, Kate Compton. Damned if I know which is which. The final cover is below.

The awesome nudity from Little Thirteen (2012) in 1080p

Muriel Wimmer

Isabell Gerschke

Ada Sternberg

From the vault of Finnish obscurity: Minna Haapkyla in Kuutamolla (2002)


Lady Gaga. She's naked (as if I had to tell you).