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"Spartacus: Blood and Sand"

in 1920x1080


Erin Cummings (samples below)

Viva Bianca (samples below)




"Dazzling Women of Sport"

Some clips and caps from an ancient medium called videotape.

When I ran into the Dazzling Women of Sport tape and saw Eva Herzigova was in it, I thought to give it a whirl. Thought I might strike gold with some long, forgotten exposure. Nope. She looks great but the revelation is minimal. Same with Brooke Morales, although the clip with her includes her days as a Raiders' cheerleader. But then there was Rowanne Brewer. She had some fame as a Donald Trump love interest, starred in a movie or two, was Miss Maryland for either Miss America or Miss USA and got married to some singer I'd never heard of. Rowanne was - and by some recent pics of her on the web she still is - a real beauty. So in a 3-minute clip she poses topless, but with her back turned to the still cameraman. That left the videographer with hands free to catch a lot of side boob. By a lot I mean about three minutes and the sides of both. And were this at least DVD I might have been able to capture something better than just the sideshow. Definitely something to look at if you are a fan of beautiful women.

Herzigova clip

Morales clip

Rowanne Brewer clip (samples below)




Malin Akerman in a recent photoshoot

Another collage of Chelsea Handler in The Plotters

Victoria Silvstedt stretching

The alleged Katy Perry nipple-slip in which nothing seems visible to me.

Lohan topless, smoking, B&W, sleazy. (Usual stuff.)

Alia de Angeles in Total Romance


Vera Morin in Total Romance



Helene Neveu in Total Romance

Irene Tellier in Total Romance


Silvia Bader Khan in Wolves Don't Eat Meat

Nahed Sharif in Wolves Don't Eat Meat

Eliza Borecka in Fantom Kiler


Katarzyna Zelnick in Fantom Kiler

Kyu-Young Lee in SoBaTe



Autumn Reeser in Smokin' Aces 2 in 720p

Camila Alves in The Confidant

Kelly MacDonald in Trainspotting in 720p

Orsi Toth double bill: Delta and Johanna

Vicky McClure in This is England '86 (s1, e2, 720p). This is a TV series which follows up on the characters introduced in the 2006 film called This is England, which took place in 1982. (Sample below)