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Dead Calm


Just released on Blu-ray in September 2009, this 1989 horror/thriller features a very young Nicole Kidman doing some nice nudity, and a decent enough if not groundbreaking story to go with it.

Rae (Nicole Kidman) has just survived a terrible car accident that killed her son, and her husband takes her on a sailing trip as the pair struggle to get over their tragedy. John is a merchant marine captain, so when he spots another sailboat apparently in distress, he goes to its aid and stumbles upon a lone survivor who tells a tale of botulism and death.

John decides the story doesn't quite add up, so he boards the other sailboat to investigate. When Hughie, the survivor, discovers what is happening, he takes control of the boat from Rae and leaves the scene as fast as he can. Now Rae is desperate to regain control of her boat and return to the sinking ship to save her husband.

A decent enough story although a little tame by today's bloody standards, Nicole alone makes the movie worth watching, but Billy Zane is also quite good as the evil survivor. The caps are from the Blu-ray version.


Nicole Kidman


Whitney Able in All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

Sadie Atkins in Black Ice

J.C. Howe in Black Ice


Eva Amurri (Sarandon's daughter) in a promo still for the new season of Californication

Gisella Marengo at a recent film festival

Olivia Wilde looking incredible. Some see-through.

Teri Hatcher gets caught in an awkward moment, while changing during her triathlon


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