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Malibu High


Kim is a High School senior who has just been dumped by her boyfriend in favor of a rich girl, is still distraught over her father's suicide, and is now failing all of her classes. After a disastrous school dance, she gets drunk and makes some life decisions. She will seduce her teachers and blackmail them into giving her straight As, then she will become a hooker to get the cash she needs for the lifestyle she wants. When she kills an overly kinky John with an icepick, the pimp recognizes her potential to become one of his organization's teenage hit girls. Fortunately, he had a vacancy open in that department.

Malibu High is an example of shoddy, low budget drive-in fare. There is no aspect of this film that is not laughably bad.  Nobody in the cast sounds like a Californian. The star, Jill Lansing, looks ten to fifteen years too old to be in high school, and overacts so egregiously that this would be her one and only film appearance. The ludicrous plot leads up to a corny "moral" ending, but the dialogue is even more cornball than the plot, and the music queues are still worse. 

In other words, we are in serious bad movie territory here. In fact, this is a great candidate for party ridicule, making it an F for real, but a C as an entertainingly bad movie, if you're into that.

IMDb readers say 4.2 with only 38 votes. This film is presented in widescreen, and so likely had a theatrical release!


Jill Lansing shows breasts and a tan line from a one piece bathing suit. She is fishbelly white from her tits to her crotch.



Tammy Taylor as the little rich girl shows breasts. Unlike Lansing, Tammy has a resum which does include some TV work and three other films.












The double feature which is always playing at the drive-in in hell.


Dirty Love

This crappy movie starred the one and only raunchy Jenny McCarthy.  Cleavage and breasts from Jenny, sadly the tits are covered with puke after some guy barfs on her boobs.


Mr Jingles

Speaking of crap, here's Jessica Hall baring the boobs in a DVD with the picture quality of VHS.









Notes and collages


Dolores Mary O'Riordan Burton, Season 2, Episode 5

Part of the chemistry of the TV show "Charmed" was that one of the sisters owned a nightclub which often hosted a popular band from current culture. Ms. Burton is the singer from "The Cranberries."






Latin Lover

Another visit to the lusty, R-rated Peruvian soap opera.

Janet Murazzi


Liliana Mas








Soldados de Salamina

Ariadna Gil tribute, part 2


Ariadna Gil



Maria Botto











Very brief nudity from the venerable Isabelle Huppert in Private Property.

I wonder who smiles less - Huppert or Skeletor Spice.


A film clip of Sacheen Littlefeather in Johnny Firecloud. She had no acting career to speak of, but she made history when she went to the Oscar podium to reject Marlon Brando's Oscar for The Godfather, then went backstage and read a lengthy speech about Native American causes to the press. (Marlon was involved with the American Indian Movement at the time.) Sacheen's real name is Maria Cruz, and two or three years earlier she had been chosen Miss American Vampire, whatever that is.

A film clip of Sonja Walger in The Vice

A film clip of Zuleikha Robinson in The Namesake

Film clip: Emily Haack in Scrapbook. Extremely unpleasant stuff from a controversially realistic film about a serial murderer who kidnaps and tortures his victims. Plenty of nudity, but not for most people (including me). Big download - more than 100 meg.

Italian pornstar-turned-legislator Cicciolina (Ilona Staller) in two different movies

La Liceale


Yellow Emmanuelle


Johnny Moronic did several Rachel Bella film clips and the collages below from Jimmy and Judy


Mr Moronic also did Emma Lung in The Jammed






Fashion TV

A film clip of Elisabetta Canalis doing her thing




Girl 6


Theresa Randle is the titular Girl 6 (1996). She briefly displays her breasts to Quentin Tarantino as she is auditioning for a movie role.



Another phone sex operator who I couldn't identify shows some pokies.




"Ugly Betty: Secretaries' Day"


From an episode of Ugly Betty called Secretaries Day, we have Vanessa Williams dressed in very little.






Tracy Lagacy (some very brief bush shown by Tracy)


and Chantal Coucette

are the naked victims of the reaper in Reaper (2000).






Some brief topless nudity by Melody Santangello in Shamus (1973). Unfortunately, not the clearest.




The Love Letter


Some out-of-focus rear exposure by Kate Capshaw in The Love Letter (1999) and possible a bit of a nipple exposure.




Roll Bounce


No nudity in Roll Bounce (2005) but there are pokies by Kellita Smith

and some see-through exposure by Marcia Wright.




Spring Break Shark Attack


Spring Break Shark Attack (2005) is a made-for-TV movie with a shark attacking a lot of bikini-clad women. It was easy on the eye but you ended up barracking for the shark. The eye candy includes:

Bianca Lishansky


Genevieve Howard


Shannon Lucio


and some girls not identified.





Pretty Persuasion


Again, no nudity in Pretty Persuason (2005) but the half-dressed women include:

Evan Rachel Wood


Selma Blair


Jane Krakowski


and Elisabeth Harnois.




Face Value


Krista Allen looks lovely in Face Value (2001).




Red Beard


Red Beard aka Akahige (1965) is a Japanese movies, which rates an 8.2 on the IMDb - some people really like it.

A patient shows some breasts during a painful medical operation.






Zelary (2003) is a Czech movie set during the second world war. The full frontal nudity is by Anna Geislerova.




Detroit Rock City


The nudity in Detroit Rock City (1999) comes from some unidentified topless spa women.


The rest of the collages are just some very nice caps of Shannon Tweed,


Natasha Lyonne,


and Kristin Booth.




The Crush


The Crush was one of Alicia Silverstone's first main movie roles and she did look good. The rear nudity is from an obvious body double but the nipple-slip is definitely her. You can also see in the movie a  poor example of editing when her knickers change from brown to blue, and then to nothing when the body double comes in.