Monday's Stuff
Hot off the presses
  • Oh, my. Thanks to RJL, check out this dress Jeri Ryan wore to the pre-Emmy festivities. Pay especial attention to the rear view.
  • Forgive me. Somehow I missed this outfit that Rose McGowan wore, or failed to wear, to the MTV awards. Mea maxima culpa. Check this out, buckaroos.
  • Buffy in the pre-Emmy festivities
  • Katie Holmes at the Emmy's
  • Oh, no, not more of this crud! The Prez has been playing "Mystery Date" again. Matt Drudge's TV show presents a video of the President and another young lady in the White House. Well, he wanted to be like Kennedy. How do they get this kind of stuff on tape? Here's the picture that ran in "News of the World" with the headline "Clinton leads girl into his White House Love Lounge"
  • Model Behavior
  • OK, she isn't known primarily as a model, she's an athlete, and a damn good one. This is Franzi Van Almsick.
  • A Brazilian up-n-comer named Piera
  • Rasslin babes
  • These rasslin' babes are too complicated for me too sort out. I had more luck with Finnegan's Wake and Quantum mechanics. This is a showdown between Tammy Lynn Bitch and Tammy Lynn Sytch. I think Miss Bitch is normally called Dawn Marie. There is also a Tamara Fytch, or something like that, who seems to look a lot like Miss Sytch, but nothing like Miss Bitch. And Miss Fytch used to be called, or maybe still is called, Sunny. Are Fytch and Sytch the same? You guys sort this out. Personally, I can't follow all this. I need to be involved in something with fewer characters, like a Tolstoy novel, or less complicated, like Chaos Theory. At any rate, there is no nudity here, so I guess this is just for hard core fans of ECW. Here is Miss Bitch
  • Miss Bitch
  • Miss Sytch
  • Miss Sytch
  • Miss Sytch
  • New from Arthur Figgis
  • WOW. This vidcapper gets better with every post. He now is getting these frames quite large without sacrificing either color or resolution. Here is Valeria Golino in "Immortal Beloved"
  • Geno Lechner in "Immortal Beloved"
  • Kathleen Beller in "The Betsy". I had mixed feelings about this movie. A dream fulfilled, another shattered. Oh, the movie itself was crap, but I expected that. My big positive was that Kathleen Beller did these frontal nude frames, and I had such a crush on her. My big negative was that one of my idols, Lord Olivier, showed serious chinks in his previously flawless armor. He proved incapable of producing even a poor facsimile of an American accent (Granted this is difficult for most non-Americans, unless they play Southerners, because of the R sound. On the other hand, he was supposed to be Olivier.). In addition, he looked absolutely ludicrous in the scenes where he had to play a younger man.
  • Leslie-Anne Down in "The Betsy"
    New from Graphics Response
  • The usual quality from GR. Must be the most prolific producer of work of this quality. Patricia Arquette in "Lost Highway"
  • These frames may all be new to you. Beverly D'Angelo in "Widow's Kiss". Although over 40 at the time, she did a nude scene, and she looked just fine.
  • Leslie Horan in "Widow's Kiss".
    Sunday's Stuff
    Rasslin babes
  • Previously, we have only seen vidcaps of the rasslin' bikini contest. Now we have some scans of photos taken on the scene. Here's Sable. She looks great, but what makes the picture a classic is the expression on the face of that subtle actor, Jerry "The King" Lawler ... the Joe Don Baker of rasslin', and a man I consider to be my own private Idaho, or at least parts of South Dakota
  • Here's Miss Jacqueline
  • Here's both ladies. Disappointingly, none of these pics show the embarassing slip-out that happened to Miss Jackie. All scans by Gonzo.
    Lys D'Or
  • I've forgotten the handle of the guy who scanned these. More adult film stars at the Lys d'Or Cannes Porn Film festival, an occasion both festive and solemn. This lady is Serenity
  • Lys d'Or: Stephanie Swift
  • Lys d'Or. Here's Karen Lanceaume
  • Here's a little better vidcap of Madonna's t-shirt at the MTV Awards.
  • Tracy Shaw (Maxine on "Coronation Street")
  • One more of Tracy Shaw
  • Asian supermodel, Ling Tang, on the runway in a see-through top.
  • She's a supermodel, no she's a breakfast drink. Here's Tang in a dress that is sheer except in the good areas.
  • Asian supermodel, Ling Tang, and this time she is naked.
  • New from DonBun: Julie Strain in "Bad Girls".
  • RDO
  • RDO is the man. The internet's one-man research department on all matters related to celebrity movie nudity. His work is almost always original and unduplicated. Today's project: Judy Davis in "Winter of our Dreams"
  • Judy Davis in "Winter of our Dreams"
  • Judy Davis in "Winter of our Dreams"
  • Judy Davis in "Winter of our Dreams"
  • BONUS: Cathy Downes in "Winter of our Dreams"
  • BONUS: unidentified sunbathers in "Winter of our Dreams"
    Saturday's Stuff
    From Sisyphus
  • Rock On! Let's "Jump" back to the 80's, when spandex, long hair, and Eddie Van Halen ruled the world! Here's Mrs. Van Halen, Valerie Bertinelli. By the way this is not from one of her "Not Without My Kidnapped Baby: A Mother's Revenge" prime time movies. A small bit of history for the music fans...pictured here with Valerie is Eddie's first red stripe guitar. I guess that dates this pic around 1983-1984?
  • Next up, a strange name to my ears, but a delight to my eyes, Swedish actress/model Sandra Nilsson. From these scans, she looks pretty much like what we American's imagine when we think about Scandinavian women, she's tall, blonde, and well built. Woo-Hoo!
  • Sandra Nilsson from Sisyphus #2.
  • Sandra Nilsson from Sisyphus #3.
  • Sandra Nilsson from Sisyphus #4. All of these images feature great exposure, but no total nudity. Of the 5, I think this one shows the most.
  • Sandra Nilsson from Sisyphus #5.
  • From Don Bun
  • Next, let's take a trip down Bimbo Lane. Here's Cheryl Smith in vidcaps from the 1977, erotic version of "Cinderella".
  • If you aren't familiar with Cheryl, then perhaps you remember some of her B-movie greats such as "Caged Heat", "Revenge of the Cheerleaders", and "Laserblast"!
  • I guess this is a companion piece to yesterday's bimbo salute. Here are more vidcaps of the busty, Carrie Westcott. This time from from the cable show "Erotic Confessions", episode "Virtual Vixens".
  • Carrie Westcott from "Virtual Vixens" #2.
  • From Magicman
  • First from Magic, here's actress and stunt woman, Anita Hart. Posing with Mike Piazza in their Calvins.
  • Fun House Variety
  • From Anarky Jr. Christina Ricci from "The Opposite of Sex". Kinda Scary if you ask me!
  • Hey, how could we possible talk about bimbos for the past two days without mentioning the Queen of Movie Bimosity. Let's face it, when it comes to the modern erotic thriller, there can be only one super star, and that has to be Shannon Tweed! Just check your local video store! I bet you'll find that her name appears on more and on the "best" of all the videos in the "Suspense" (or whatever) section! Thanks to Flurk for these vidcaps from "Sexual Response".
  • From RJL, here's Tyra Banks. I think this is from a magazine called "All That".
  • One more of Tyra from RJL. This one is fresh from Thursday's MTV whatever awards. If you missed it, don't worry, the whole show will be rerun three times a day for the next 6 weeks, and highlights and videos will be on every 35 minutes past the hour.