Kate Middleton, who could one day become the Queen of England, was captured topless by some paparazzi and the grainy pics were published in a French magazine.

Kate Winslet in the vertical full-matte version of 1997's Titanic, not in crappy VHS quality, but in 720p! Full butt, pubes, the whole magilla. Awesome!

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(1920x1080 clips)

Cecile de France

Film/TV Clips

Silje Reinamo in Thale (2012) again, this time in 720p

Lake Bell in How To Make It In America (s2e1, s2e4, s2e6) in 720p

Hafsia Herzi in Le roi de l'evasion (2009) in 1080p

Diane Kruger in The Age of Ignorance (2007) in 720p

Chelsea Field in A Passion To Kill (1994)

Julie Mauduech in Metisse (1993) in 1080p


The women of Loulou (1980) in 720p

Patricia Coulet

Agnes Rosier

Isabelle Huppert. Isabelle is the grim, gaunt, stern-faced woman who looks like everyone's least-favorite teacher. You expect her to say "no talking!" at any given moment. In 1980, however, she was a ripe peach, and her fuzz is on display here.


Here's the exposed nipple that snuck into the Sears catalog.

Katrina Darling, second cousin of her semi-highness, Kate Middleton

Jennifer Blanc in The Victim (2011)

Jessica McNamee in The Loved Ones (2009)

Victoria Thane, also in The Loved Ones

Barbara Crampton in Re-Animator (1985)

Eri Anzai in the immortal cinema classic Nympho Diver: G-String Fedstival (1981)