Cable Round-Up

Excellent nudity on Weeds last night- Jamie Renee Smith provides T&A and lots of raunchy talk. (720p; Samples below)

A quick peek of Anna Silk's butt on the premiere of Lost Girl last night. I guess you could call this the Canadian version of True Blood. Since it's Canadian, all the supernatural creatures are polite, and they don't believe in messy kills or raunchy sex.

Anna Silk plays a fairy - same as Anna Paquin on True Blood.

Hey, follow the money.

It's about time that vampires figured out that they should live in Canada for the extra darkness! Louisiana and Mississippi (True Blood) are not good choices. I guess that jet-set vampires should live in Northern Alaska during the North American winter, then high-tail it down to Antarctica for winter in the Southern Hemisphere. If they work hard enough, they might be able to avoid the sun altogether. I wonder if they can live off the blood of leopard seals. Maybe I'll open up a vampire travel agency.

(720p; Sample below)



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










in 1920x1080


Sasha Grey (samples below)




There were lots of vids from Defoe this week. This is part two.

Sara Giraudeau in Memoire d'une Jeune Folle Derangee


Deep at Sea also made a clip of this (here), with some samples below



Book of Blood


Johnny's comments:

This ends the Korean update.

Book of Blood, based on a story from a Clive Barker collection, is about a hideously disfigured man who is hunted down by a bounty hunter and is about to be killed, but before, he tells the killer his story which begins with a world renowned paranormal expert who get the man in to help with her latest experiment as he supposedly has supernatural abilities. In the beginning, he seems to be faking it, but the expert has a thing for the man, maybe even a supernatural thing for him, so she continues until she has irrefutable proof that he's faking it, but then the real ghosts start to invade his body and all hell breaks loose. Or something, A pretty forgettable piece of nonsense, but will probably be best remembered in the future for Sophie Ward's extremely long nipples.

 If it's remembered at all...


Sophie Ward clips

The collages are below:




Cher at the VMAs

Previews from Chelsea Handler's sex Tape

Accidental, unplanned and almost unnoticed nudity from Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Seinfeld

Jessica Barton in Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

Stephanie Miller in Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

Holly Winnard in Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

Amy Jo Brogan in Six Sex Scenes and a Murder

Christine Gilb in Six Sex Scenes and a Murder

Kristen Minter in Six Sex Scenes and a Murder

Erin Cardillo in The Truth

Anne Parillaud in Le Battant




Daniela Ziegler in Ein Fall fuer Zwei (sample below)

Emmanuelle Escourrou in Baby Blood (samples below)

Anna Forrest in Blue Thunder (720p)

Katja Flint and Natalia Worner in Liebe und Verlangen

Lisa Banes in Young Guns (720p)

Sue Morrow, Jennifer Inch, and Jeannine Louise in Birds in Paradise