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Babes of Baywatch

'Twas a time when the world was new, when Jenny McCarthy kept her clothes and her volume off. In this matter, 'twas a better time than ever we shall know again.









Talk Sex




Various film clips:

Renee Rea

Kelli McCarty

April Flowers










TV Babes

Today we have Charlize Theron paying a visit to "Good Morning America"

and "Letterman".


Some nice leg in the morning and for the evening show more leg and nice cleavage.






Notes and collages



Jennifer Aniston in Four Episodes

The One With the Breast Milk

The One With Phoebe's Husband

The One With the Monkey


The One With the Fake Monica







Dancing at the Blue Iguana


Director Michael Radford has also made such respected films as Il Postino, 1984, and The Merchant of Venice (Pacino as Shylock). Because he has established those credentials, we can say that in the history of legitimate films from respected directors, there are very few examples with more nudity from more gorgeous famous women than this one.

It will take several days to cover this flick.

Today's clips and collagesL Kristin Bauer

Film clips here, collages below








This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Only one today, but it is La Casta herself in Le Grand Appartement






Caligula's Spawn

(2008) (V)

Latest Czechsploitation from Lloyd Simandl, this time released in two parts.

Similar cast from the previous "Blood Countess" with a bonus of Rena Riffel in the lead who hasn't aged a bit.

Only available from Simandl's official website at

Rena Riffel: full nude and performing just about every debauched lesbian sex act in the book but at the end she gets sodomized by her own strap-on golden dildo by Marie Veckova.

Full nude and Roman-era landing-strip coochie shots by the rest of the actresses, as Rena has more then her way with them:

Lena Drasova

Sabina Casarova

Marie Veckova

Dominika Jandlova

Kristina Uhrinova

Rena will be in at least one future Czechsploitation release and Simandl's personal favorite, Marie Veckova, will be in the next three releases.







Rachel Sterling in the season premiere of Entourage


Film Clips

Alice Evans in Monsieur Naphtali

Amira Casar in Peindre ou Faire L'Amour

Carly Pope in Various Positions

Lots of nice full-frontal nudity from the babes of Summer Palace: Hao Lei, and Hu Ling


The women of Awakening (aka Zombie Night II):

(samples to the right for each)