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The Skin I Live In



Blanca Suarez

Elena Anaya


Dragon Fire


Brainscan's comments:

When I worked on Dragon Fire years ago I captured some frames of a post-apocalyptic stripper, who I could not identify.  Several women were identified as dancers and only Christina Veronica was recognizable.

But one of them, by the name of Mary Varela, did a Hefmag production called Wet and Wild - and when a copy showed up in the shop I looked at it and found this redhead with robohooters and sure enough along came Mary.  So here she is.  


TV/Film clips

The women of Little Thirteen (2012):

Ada Sternberg

Isabell Gerschke

Muriel Wimmer

Isabell Gerschke and Muriel Wimmer together


Stefania Sandrelli in The Key (1983)


Chrissy Teigen

Lea Seydoux