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This week's episode of Engrenages (s4e3), a French series, featured brief exposure of the tiny breasts of Judith Chemla

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(1920x1080 clips)

Juliet Mills

Giselda Castrini

Careless Love


Careless Love is a drama about Linh (Nammi Le), a university student in Sydney who seems very studeous, but in fact hides a secret. Three nights a week, she is an escort. Linh is doing this because her family is having problems paying the mortgage for their house since her father lost her job. Over time she develops various relationships with men, including Luke (Peter O'Brien), an American 'art dealer' who pays for an extra session outside of her work time and Seb (Hugo Johnstone-Burt), who she tries to avoid as he seems to want more. Her flatmate Carol (Penny McNamee) introduces her to Jack (Andrew Hazzard) and Linh falls in love with him, so much so that they move in together. But, Linh still has that secret and it's about to blow up big time, even when she quits escorting when her father gets a job. And the fallout is going to be big.

Solid, if unspectacular drama from director John Duigan (whose films feature regularly here including recently Mouth To Mouth). Takes a while to get going, its second half is far more interesting than its first half, but is driven by a pretty good lead performance by Nammi Le and a pretty cheeky one from Ivy Mak as her fellow escort.

Scoop's note: John Duigan is the guy who directed Sirens and Lawn Dogs.

Nammi Lee film clip. Collages below.


Film/TV Clips

Astrid Berges-Frisbey in El Sexo de los Angeles (2012)

Susana Pous in Juan de los Muertos (2011) in 720p

Blanca Rosa Blanco, also in Juan de los Muertos

Lola Creton in Un amour de jeunesse (2011)

It's Astrid Berges-Frisbey again, this time in Elles et Moi (2008) in 720p

Mylene St-Sauveur in Voleurs de chevaux (2007)


Here's the pic that Alison Pill posted on Twitter yesterday

Keri Russell gets caught in the rain. No nudity, but nice.

Here's Elizabeth Olsen on the set of Very Good Girls. I gather that this is a "topless" scene which will be photographed from behind her. The other girl is former child star Dakota Fanning.

Barbara Hershey in The Entity. Except it isn't. It's a combination of body doubling and prosthetics. The double doesn't even look like her. Great scene, though.