TV Round-Up

Homeland hasn't even aired yet. It premieres October 2nd. But the first episode has already been seen by some. Deep at Sea, for example.

Morena Baccarin does a fairly lengthy sex scene (samples below)



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.





American Version, Season One, 2011


Aesthete is going to take on all the top TV shows of 2011 in 1920x1080 clips. Shameless comes up first on his list, but he'll also get to Game of Thrones and the Spartacus prequel.

Emmy Rossum film clips. See below.


Laura Slade Wiggins film clips. See below.



That Eye, The Sky


That Eye, The Sky is a drama based on a novel by Tim Winton about a family who are learning to cope after their patriarch is left in a vegetative state after a car accident.

Ort is a young boy who is coming to terms with his father's disposition and firmly believes that his father will be back to himself. Their mother (Lisa Harrow) is struggling with everything and the daughter Tegwyn (Amanda Douge) is looking to get away from the house and move to the city for a better life. When a drifter, Henry (Peter Coyote), offers to help out free of charge with the upkeep of the father, he will change all of their lives.

You know what you're going to get with Tim Winton stories, families attempting to overcome the odds. This film is solid without being all that memorable. Cloud Street is definitely the Tim Winton story of choice, but this is still worth a look.

Amanda Douge film clip (collages below)



Film Clips

(followed by samples or thumbnails when available)

Claudia Ruffo, Susanne Wolff, and Sascha Zacharias in Tatanka (2011)

Mirianne Brule, Jessica Malka in 2 Frogs dans l'ouest (2010)

Maja Miletich in Groupie (2010) in 1080p

Michelle Suppa in Unrivaled (2010) in 1080p

Ashleigh Hubbard, also in Unrivaled

Amy Beth Hayes in an episode of Misfits (s1e2; 2009)

Eileen Daly in Unrated: The Movie (2009) in 1080p

Vivian Schmitt also in Unrated: The Movie

Eleanor James also in Unrated: The Movie

Eugenia Serebrennikova in You Won't Get Us (2007)

Audrey Tautou in Hors de prix (2006) in a strange size: 1440x614

Kimmy Roberston in Growing Pains (aka Bad Manners, 1984)

Angelica Chain, Ana Martin, and Ana Ofelia Murguia in Cadena Perpetua (1979)



Pam Anderson in Scary Movie 3 (2003)

Melanie Griffith in Something Wild (1986)