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Animal Instincts

 (1992 -unrated version)

Animal Instincts (1992) is a soft core classic starring Shannon Whirry.

As the film begins, Shannon is being interviewed and we learn her story along with the interviewer.  She was newly married to a cop who was slacking off in the bedroom in an effort to support her in the manner he wanted her to become accustomed. She just wanted to get laid. Then he had a revelation at the station when he saw a fellow cop screwing a prostitute in a jail cell, and discovered that he liked watching. He got another chance when he returned home unexpectedly and caught Shannon with the cable TV guy. He was turned on and she enjoyed the experience, so the two hit on a perfect way to solve her sexual needs and his financial needs at the same time. They took out an ad, intending to charge clients to have sex with her while he would watch and tape. Everyone was satisfied with the arrangement until a strip club manager discovered what they were up to. He was the target of an hypocritical mayoral candidate and tried to force Shannon and her hubby to get damaging footage of the mayoral candidate, a horn dog.

The framing device with the interviewer forces a great deal of voice-over narration into the exposition, and I do not especially like narration in a film, but at least this has major plot content for the softcore genre, and Shannon is clearly worth watching, both nude and in lingerie.

The film is a solid C on our scale, and this is the best version which has ever been made available.

This uncut, unrated release comes from the Netherlands (Region 2 PAL) in English, and it contains an additional eight minutes of nudity not found in the earlier "unrated" version released in the USA. It is also a far superior transfer. Since the US version is now out of print and rare, selling for nearly $100.00 at Amazon marketplace, the Dutch DVD is the correct choice in every way if you are interested in this film.

Animal Instincts - Uncut, Unrated

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(IMDb readers say 2.8, with 419 votes. It is hard to tell what they are voting on, however. It was long available on VHS and DVD in R and Unrated versions.)


Shannon Whirry shows everything. Delia Sheppard, as one of her customers, shows breasts, and numerous unknowns show breasts and buns.


Shannon Whirry



Delia Sheppard















Double feature day

Satan's Slave

The Time Machine first traveled back to 1976 for a "Babe in Bondage." Monika Ringwald is all tied up, and shows full frontal nudity as she is whipped and branded. My apologies for the poor source material.



The Healer

On the way home we caught Miranda Otto with some breast exposure.







Notes and collages

The Parallax View

Paula Prentiss

From what I've read about Ms. Prentiss, she liked being braless. I like it too. This conspiracy thriller from 1974 is as good a watch today as it was then. Ms. Prentiss' character is convinced that someone is trying to kill her 3 years after she witnessed a political assassination; Warren Beatty is the fellow journalist she turns to for help...







Yet another adaptation of a Shakespeare story to modern times. Like its predecessors, it is not very good but at least has lots of nudity.

Chloe Armstrong


Kate Bell


Miranda Nation


Victoria Hill








La Mirada Violeta


Cayetana Guillen-Cuervo










Two film clips of Amanda Ooms in Ginevra. Samples right. Big download, but worth it, in my opinion.
Five clips of Tiffany Shepis and Carolina de Cristofaro in Nympha, a new straight-to-vid. Samples: Carolina immediately right, Shepis far right.
A film clip of Amber Sainsbury in The Ferryman
A film clip of Emmanuelle Beart in Les Temoins
A film clip of Holly Hunter in episode five of Saving Grace. She stays in incredible shape. Although nearly 50 years old, she has the lithe body of a teenager. (The nudity is modest.)
A film clip of Juliette Marquis in The Insurgents

Three clips from The Boys And Girls Guide To Getting Down. Film clips left, samples right.

A film clip of Brittany Daniel in Loveless in Los Angeles. No nudity. It's the ol' whipped cream on the breasts trick.






The premiere episode of Tell Me You Love Me. Film clips left, samples right.
Sonya Walger
Michelle Borth
Ally Walker






Childhood's End

This coming-of-age Indy flick from 1997 has a good and interesting story, and some good actors doing their best, but the movie is hurt badly by a very poor script. The lines, most of them, are so complex and convoluted, and even awkward for the actors to say, that you just know a real person wouldn't say them. The scriptwriter tried way too hard to pack explanations into every line, and most were unnecessary.

Greg is a 19-year-old high school graduate who is already renowned as a photographer. He's given a six-figure job as a photo editor of a magazine, and he decides it's time to fulfill his lust for Evelyn, a friend of his mother lives across the street and is the same age.

With no husband around, Evelyn finds it hard to resist Greg, and she doesn't even try, but this causes complications and grief for her own daughter, who is Greg's age, and for Greg's mom, who is not happy that her friend and much-younger son are involved.

The story itself, and the actors, save this to some degree, but script writing really hurt what could have been a better movie.

Bridget White Cameron Foord Colleen Worthman and Heather Gottlieb