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"Eastbound & Down"



Sylvia Jefferies

This week we have movies from the early 80s:

American Gigolo

American Gigolo (1980) has some lovely breasts on show by Lauren Hutton,

Linda Horn

and Michele Drake.

Nanette Tarpey

and Patricia Carr look good.

The Shining

Billie Gibson

and Lia Beldam both show the lot in The Shining (1980).


Creepshow (1982) has a bit of down shirt by Elizabeth Regan.

Halloween III - Season of the Witch

Halloween III - Season of the Witch (1982) shows Stacey Nelkin taking a shower.

Superman III

No nudity in Superman III (1983), just pokies and cleavage by Annette O’Toole

and Pamela Stephenson.


Videodrome (1983) has Deborah Harry

and a couple of topless unidentified women.

Long Weekend


Briony Behets film clip (collages below)



Genevieve Picot film clip (collages below)

Turkey Shoot


Lynda Stoner film clip (collage below)

Olivia Hussey and her body double film clip (collage below)

TV/Film Clips

Gia Crovatin in Dirty Weekend (2015) in 720p

Elizabeth McLaughlin in Hand of God (s1e2) in 720p

Belinda Delgado in American Heist (2014) in 720p

Nora von Waldstaetten
in Die Spiegel-Affaere (2014) in 720p

Milla Jovovich in Stone (2010) in 1080hd

Keri Safran in the pilot for $5.15 an hour (2004)

Sophie Ward in episode two of Strauss Dynasty (1991), an obscure mini-series

An unidentified actress in episode four of Strauss Dynasty


  Some 1080hd caps of Emily Kinney in last week's Masters of Sex