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Prince Valiant


Katherine Heigl film clip

Raw screen grabs







The Poker House


Lori Petty (Tank Girl) is the director and co-writer of this 2009 drama that is a fictionalized autobiography of her teen years growing up in a small midwestern town. It is sad and poignant yet at the same time hopeful and uplifting.

Young Agnes lives with her two younger sisters and drunken drug-addicted mother (Selma Blair) in a house where each day the dregs of society come through the front door. Her only father figure is her mother's pimp, and she struggles to maintain a normal life and protect her younger sisters.

Excellent acting and an interesting story highlight this very realistic coming-of-age story. While not always pleasant, it is very powerful and well worth watching.

Selma Blair


Eva Mendes in a dress which is not quite transparent

Gisele Bundchen offers a tiny hint of areola

Lily Allen is topless again, as she competes for this year's Kate Moss Award, which is presented every year to the woman who gets naked the most for no apparent reason other than to entertain us. Lily is our kind of gal.

Amanda Swisten in The Girl Next Door

Sung Hi Lee in The Girl Next Door

Sally Kellerman as Hot Lips in M*A*S*H

Danielle DeLuca in Naked Fear



Alix Lakehurst in Ski Wolf (big ones!)


Film Clips

Lyndsey Marshal and Esther Hall in Sons and Lovers. I wrote a long-winded article about this even longer-winded mini-series adapted from the incredibly long-winded novel by D.H. Lawrence.

Great clip: Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm in 720p. Here are my mercifully short-winded comments about the film. The even shorter version is as follows: Billy Zane is Hollywood's go-to guy for sinking ships, and this is the one that started it all. In Dead Calm, Zane's schooner is sinking. In Cleopatra, he and his flagship are sunk in a famous naval battle. In Three, he plays a rich yachtsman who sinks. And I think we all know the general plot of Titanic. 

Sonia Braga in A Dama do Lotacao. Never seen it, but it's hot stuff from the Brazilian firecracker.