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In the Valley of Elah


Roughly based on an actual incident, In the Valley of Elah stars Tommy Lee Jones as a retired army MP, specifically a criminal investigator, who receives a call that his son has returned from Iraq, but is now missing from base. Knowing his son is not the type to go AWOL, he drives to the base, which was the boy's last duty assignment, to investigate for himself. Fairly soon, his son's body is found. He had been stabbed numerous times, cut into small pieces, burned, and then left for the wild animals. Because his body parts were on army land, the military is given temporary jurisdiction until it is determined that the actual murder took place on city land, which makes it a local police problem. Tommy Lee finds a sympathetic ear with a young female detective (Charlize Theron) who allows him far greater access to the investigation than the army would have. The more Tommy Lee investigates, the more he learns that war had changed his son.

Many who commented at IMDb are wildly enthusiastic about the film, and feel that it was very effective in delivering a unique message about the dehumanizing effects of the Iraq war on our boys. I tend to agree. At over 120 minutes, the film makes its points slowly and deliberately, but, at least for me, very effectively. Before the film is over, we get a real picture of what the Iraq war is doing to the young men and women who are fighting it. It is not a pretty picture, which, of course, is no surprise to anyone who has ever been in a war. 

Elah only had a limited theatrical release, but the film and Tommy Lee both received many award nominations. Critical reception was fairly positive in general, but some panned it because they found the "war is ugly" message obvious and the ending stupid. IMDb readers say 7.5.

Several strippers show breasts, as does Frances Fisher as a topless waitress.

Frances Fisher












Haunting Fear

Brinke Stevens film clips

Delia Shepard film clips









Jennifer Aniston

"The Late Show" (2006)

Jennifer Aniston put on quite a leg show on an evening with Letterman. This woman always looks so sexy.







Notes and collages

Lonely Hearts


Alice Krige








Dancing at the Blue Iguana


Director Michael Radford has also made such respected films as Il Postino, 1984, and The Merchant of Venice (Pacino as Shylock). Because he has established those credentials, we can say that in the history of legitimate films from respected directors, there are very few examples with more nudity from more gorgeous famous women than this one.

It will take several days to cover this flick. Today's clips and collages feature the woman with the childish voice and grown-up body, Jennifer Tilly

Film clips here. Captures below.







French Cinema Nudity is updated today!

This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Sophie Marceau, looking spectacular, in two clips from Chouans

Valerie Donzelli in several clips from 7 Ans








There are film clips for all the scenes with nudity or see-through nudity.

Daisy Bates film clip
Shannan Click film clip
Paz de la Huerta  
Natasha Henstridge film clip
Maggie Q film clip
Charlotte Rampling film clip
Michelle Williams  







Film clips from

Sex and the City


The stars:
Sarah Jessica Parker (underwear)
Kim Cattrall (naughty bits covered with food)
Cynthia Nixon (actually naked)
Kristin Davis (generally unrevealing shower scene)
The others (real nudity this time):
Aricka Evans
Michelle Min-jung Kim
Monica Mayhem







Jessica Simpson accidentally (I guess) flashes her bum on network TV

Monica Cruz (Penelope's sister) is caught on a topless beach (again!)


Sophie Anderton has still got it



Film Clips

Anne Parillaud in Pour la peau dun flic

Tiffany Shepis In Nympha (2008, first I've seen from this film)

Virginie Desarnauts in Les Zygs

The women of the timeless and sentimental family classic, Stupid Teenagers Must Die: Lindsay Gareth, Christina DeRosa, Jamie Carson, DeRosa and Carson together.

Glenda Jackson in The Romantic Englishwoman

Two appearances by Lynn Collins of True Blood: (1) in episode two of the True Blood series (2) In Never Get Outta the Boat

The sex scene from this year's premiere of Entourage. One source reports that the first women you see (pictured right) is Rachel Sterling. I have not been able either to verify or to refute that.