Today's Images
  • Uncle Scoopy note: I was capping a couple of additional frames from "Total Eclipse", and I started to get interested in learning more about the obnoxious, feral, beautiful boy-genius poet, Arthur Rimbaud. Although I have a degree in literature, I never knew of him as more than a name to be memorized as an "important influence". I just read some of his poems (In English translation), and they read as if they were written in our own time. Of course, some of this has to do with the fact that the translations were done 55-100 years after he wrote them, but still remarkable for a boy who quit writing in 1873, at the age of 19. Not everybody's cup of tea, but if you are interested in this subject, this click leads to a comprehensive Rimbaud web site with excellent production values.
  • Hot pics!
  • O.K. Gang, first off, Thank You for all of the input correcting us on the misnaming of sexy sisters, Magdalena and Hannah Graaf. In the Fun House, we certainly strive for the best, most accurate information about our celebs, but it's a big world, and even the Scoopy Family doesn't know everybody. We work hard everyday because we love what we do, and want to entertain all of our friends who share our passion for naked celebrity images. So please, if we screw up, drop us line and help out. As a special offering, here is a replay of the two images.
  • Magdalena and Hannah Graaf #2.
  • Now on to the hot stuff for the day! This is Jennifer Aniston straight off the cover of the latest issue of US magazine. Kudos to Valentino for this demonstration of excellent technique! This is the finished product after removing all of the crap you usually find on the cover of infotainment magazines like US. If nothing else, this confirms his ranking as one of the best in the scanning biz.
  • Just for kicks, here is a before and after of Val's Aniston.
  • To paraphrase Scoop Sr, "Open the flood gates, let the deluge begin!" Well gang, "Wild Things" has hit the video stores, and you know what that means...Yes, more, and better vidcaps of Denise Richards! Woo-Hoo! I think this first one has it all...Denise and Neve making out, the champagne scene, Denise's thong, and Denise in her bra. Unfortunately, there is also a Matt Dillon sighting, which just may stress our need for a "No Dillon" Fun House policy. Even more tragic is that yesterday we had a Dillon reference, without a sighting. I guess that pretty much clinches it!
  • Denise by the pool. Great scans by Anarky Jr
  • If you were a fan of the campy FalconCrest, then you'll remember Ana Alicia. Well, the girl is still lookin' fine, although not workin' much. Here she is caught on the beach in Cannes outside the Ritz-Carlton. Nice work by the scanner, a fella named Melkers. I don't think I've ever seen a better scan of a newspaper picture.
  • One more of Ana Alicia. Brush up your Swedish for this one. This is the bottom half of the scan above. They're still both larger than 200k, even though I split the image in half.
    Tennis Anyone?
  • O.K. Tennis fans, you guys asked for more, from hour #273 of the USA Network's non-stop coverage of the U.S. Open, here's Jennifer Capriati.
  • Next, here's a companion, collector piece to yesterday's Graphic Response collage of Martina Hingis.
  • More Hingis. This time from hour #79, by Anonymous Guy.
  • One more from the Anonymous Guy of Ms. Hingis.
    From SBS
  • New Stuff! OK, the French may find Jerry Lewis funny, but they more than make up for that failing by providing Mathilde May and Sophie Marceau. Have a look at Marceau. Of course, as sexy as Sophie is, even if she can redeem the Jerry Lewis thing, that will never make up for Gerard Depardieu.
  • Next from SBS, sexy model, and actress, Gabi Simson. Very nice lingerie scans.
  • Once again, Gabi in some lingerie. Plus a bonus quote about grunting!
  • Next up, two sexy Denise Van Outen images. Nice cleavage scans.
  • Denise Van Outen #2.
  • A different Denise, this time it's more of Denise Richards. Brand new stuff from an appearance in FHM.
  • Denise Richards from FHM #2.