The Deuce

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Amira Casar is topless

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Brainscan's comments:

All of Me


All of Me (1963) is a nudist camp video with the slimmest of plots. One long black and white clip shows the nudist folk frolicking, with the most annoying voice-over ever. Alice Dunham is pictured below.

A set of other clips shows some gals interviewed in living color, one of whom was Alice Denham again (film clip)

There are two others interviewed in All of Me who someone might recognize but I did not.

A redhead (film clip)

A brunette (film clip)

No big deal here except one of the women filmed in color is Brenda Denaut (film clip).


And I know you are thinking, so what?  Well, Brenda is the mom of Rosanna and Patricia Arquette, and she looks so much like Rosanna in so many ways you cannot help but be impressed.


Twlight Girls


One of the nudist gals up above, in both the color and B&W sections, is Alice Denham, former Hefmate from 1956 or so.  Let us just say the years were not good to her, so I sent along a collage of her in an earlier movie, Twilight Girls (1957).

 The same movie has Georgina Spelvin in the years before she became a pornstar.

Olga's House of Shame


Brenda Denaut (Arquette) did a couple other movies, one of which is Olga's House of Shame (1964); this is not my cup of tea, but what are supposed to be whip burns are so comically obvious as cheap special effects I laughed my way through this film clip.

Susan Small is the woman who joins Brenda tied to a tree ...

but if you look at the first of Brenda's collages and the beginning of the clip you will see Susan standing in the background with her hands on her hips.  This was one stellar but unintentional comedy.

Additional notes by Scoop

Alice Denham has an amazing resume. On the surface, she's a former Playmate who ended up in no-budget B&W exploitation films, so you'd think she was probably a total bimbo.

Boy, would you think wrong.

She was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of North Carolina (BA in journalism, 1949) and earned her masters from the University of Rochester in a year with a thesis on the plays of T.S. Eliot.

Playboy reprinted her short story, "The Deal," in her centerfold issue, making her the first Playmate to have authored a fiction piece that appeared in her same issue. (July, 1956).

When she finished her career in exploitation crap, she wrote a tell-all book which was received quite well. Titled "Sleeping With Bad Boys" it was her account of sexy shenanigans with James Dean, Philip Roth, Hugh Hefner and others. “Manhattan was a river of men flowing past my door, and when I was thirsty, I drank.” She counted as friends such literary luminaries as Norman Mailer and the famous writers of the 1950's beat generation.

She went on to write several more books, and was an adjunct professor of English in the City University of New York.

She was known so well in New York literary circles that the N.Y. Times honored her with a lengthy obituary.

The Affair

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Anna Paquin film clip (sample below)

NOTE: Here is a color-adjusted version (not from Johnny Moronic)

Emily Browning film clip (sample below)

Zoe Kravitz in Pretend We're Kissing (2014) in 1080hd

Jenny Boyd in Hex

Aubrey Plaza in Ned Rifle