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"The Americans"


today: season one, episode two

Annet Mahandru

Bond, James Bond

Tuesday, 15 August this year was the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Ian Fleming. This week, I’m finishing the homage to James Bond, from Timothy Dalton to the present day.

The Living Daylights

The delightful Maryam D’Abo  was the Bond girl in The Living Daylights (1987), although the movie itself was only so-so.

The other women are:

Dulice Liecier and Catherine Rabett

Kell Tyler

Virginia Hey

Several not identified in the film

Several not identified in the credits

Cat Run 2


Johnny's comments:

Cat Run 2 starts with two Russian assassins Tatiana and Mina (Winter Ave Zoli and Maria Rogers) being smuggled into the US and arriving in New Orleans where they pose as strippers/prostitutes and mount a mission to steal sensitive government information and in the process, kill many soldiers. Mina is killed before she can get the flash drive to Tatiana. Meanwhile, our favourite private detectives/restaurateurs Anthony and Julian (Scott Mechlowicz and Alphonso McAuley) have arrived in New Orleans to be on a cooking show and stay a friend of Julian's place called Big Ray. His nephew was a victim at the army base and he's convinced something is up. Anthony and Julian decide to check it out for themselves and end up getting on the wrong side of Tatiana who is desperate to find the flash drive. It's not long before even Tatiana is in over her head and the people she is working for betray her and the three must join forces to defeat all of Tatiana's enemies.

From director John Stockwell, who directed the original Cat Run as well as two other movies released this year (In The Blood and Kid Cannabis), this is pretty much the same movie as the original. But, if the first movie wasn't gratuitous enough for you, Cat Run 2 begins with 10 minutes of naked ladies slaughtering dozens of men. And it doesn't get any less subtle from there. While it's obvious that this movie has a significantly smaller budget than the first movie, this seems to allow them to try out some of the most dodgy jokes I've seen in a movie outside of a Wayans Brothers production. Pornographic memory??? Midget jokes??? Chubby chasing a frequent theme??? Subtitle humour??? OK, I can't knock a movie for delivering a shitload of nudity (would've liked more from Kamille Leai...), but Cat Run 2 ain't a good movie.

Kamille Leai (collage below)

Maria Rogers (sample below)

Tatum Miranda (sample below)

Winter Ave Zoli and Maria Rogers (Zoli collages below)

TV and Film Clips

Shailene Woodley in White Bird In A Blizzard (2014) in 1920x1080 size

Christine Reinhart in a 1999 episode of Rosamunde Pilcher in 720p


Pam Grier behind the scenes on the set of Cool Breeze

a colorized version of the Pam Grier photo

Miley Cyrus in Billboard Argentina

revisiting Miley's greatest exhibitionist moments ...

Jennifer Aniston in a black dress with a slight see-through effect

Kendall Jenner in tranparent lingerie