The Cotton Club (1984):

A movie with greatness and garbage side-by-side. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, it is worth seeing if only for the meticulous reproductions of the greatest Harlem musical acts of the twenties and thirties. (Movie House Review.)

Unfortunately, it is completely disappointing in the nudity department, offering only this extremely minimal peek at the top of Diane Lane's booty. (Zipped .wmv)


Third party videos:

Four nude appearances by pretty Emilia Fox (all zipped .avis).

Gong Li in Miami Vice. (Zipped .avi) To be honest, this is not worth the download except for completists. She's naked in two scenes, but you can't see jack shit. Thanks to the editing, the nudity is all illusion. (There may be some on the DVD. Rumor is that it was cut out deliberately, although God knows why because it was rated R.)

Edwige Fenech in the 70s Eurocrap classic  "Strip Nude for Your Killer" (Four avis zipped together)




Houdini's Impossible Demonstration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

"The effeminate and somewhat geeky physique of U.S. Senate democrat candidate Ned Lamont of Connecticut is about to change."

No homers today, but the big fella gets on base six times!
  • He's not going to see a lot of strikes in the near future. The Marlins walked him four times, which proved wise because every time they pitched to him he got a hit. The strategy paid off, as the Marlins hung on for the win.

Vinceless Longhorns not invincible


  • Democrats have erupted in outrage over the latest footage to be leaked from ABC’s upcoming TV miniseries “The Path to 9/11,” which shows former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton flying the planes that destroyed the World Trade Center.

    “It’s very common to boil down many real life people to one character in a movie,” ABC president Steve McPherson said in response to the criticisms. “We simply thought it would be too confusing to have all the different people responsible for 9/11 in our film, we combined them all into one composite character named William Jefferson Clinton.”

Netflix vs Blockbuster
  • In what must be the most preposterous legal claim ever, Netflix claims that it has the right to a monopoly in offering DVD-rental services over the Internet.
  • "There is nothing unique about what Netflix has sought to protect," said Blockbuster attorney Marshall Grossman, who likened Netflix to a fast food restaurant trying to patent drive-through services.

YouTube: Waiting For The Payoff ... "The video-sharing Web site is a runaway success -- everywhere but on the bottom line "

"Brad Pitt, ever the social activist, says he won't be marrying Angelina Jolie until the restrictions on who can marry whom are dropped."
  • I guess he's safe, because I don't foresee a time when people will be able to marry seven-year-olds

The Best of Borat

Jessica Biel is bending over

The Twilight Zone - 089 - To Serve Man. This aired when I was in eighth grade, and it was all we talked about at school the following Monday.

A new 'Casino Royale' trailer in "Extra High Quality"

The Great Erotic Temples of India

Chinese movie wins top prize in Venice, Mirren and Affleck chosen best actors
  • I agree with the verdict on Affleck's performance, which is not to say that I think he was the best, since I haven't seen all the entries, but to say that he did in fact deliver an excellent performance as Supes. Here are my thoughts on the movie.

Rescuers Find Driver Unconscious With Pump Attached To His Penis

Daily Box Office for Friday, September 8, 2006
  • The three new movies took the top three slots in about the weakest day in memory. The top six, added together, took in about as much as the best single film on the equivalent day last year!
  • There were no weekends last year in which the Top Twelve amassed less than SEVENTY million. At the current pace, this one will struggle for FIFTY.
  • The good news for the day is that Pirates has passed a billion dollars worldwide. It is number three of all time, and could sneak into #2, trailing only Titanic. It has settled in at #6 of all-time in the States, which looks to be its final position.

The wild boyz go to the zoo disguised as a lama. It seems the local elk really likes lamas.

TV weatherman scared of a cockroach Because they're so rare in Florida?

Korean amusement park features a talking elephant

This week's movies: update
  • Hollywoodland - Ben Affleck as TV Superman George Reeves - 66% positive reviews.
  • The Protector - Thai Martial Arts - 50%
  • The Covenant - 9%. If you want some laughs, read the reviews for The Covenant. General consensus: not even good enough to be a failed WB pilot, but the same general kind of entertainment!

Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


La Bęte (1975)

La Bęte (1975) was originally to be a part of Walerian Borowczyk's Contes immoraux (Immoral Tales), which he shortened to 4 shorts. That left him with 17 minutes of a ugly beast with a huge pecker constantly ejaculating, chasing Sirpa Lane around the woods violating her until she makes him climax to death. Not one to let a gem like that go unreleased, he created a story around the segment. Wealthy heiress Lizbeth Hummel travels to France to marry. Unbeknownst to her, the family she is to marry into desperately needs her money. After arriving, she has a 17 minute sex dream about a beast chasing a woman around the forest, which she finds incredibly arousing, until she discovers first that her intended is dead, and then that he is a beast.

Meanwhile, Pascale Rivault is boffing the black butler every time she gets a chance. There are other sensational elements, such as a graphic depiction of horses mating which includes genital closeups and penetration. We have a priest with his two young boy lovers, a crotchety uncle who murdered his wife, and two kids that are brought into the house for no apparent reason.

The genre is early Euro-trash, where bonus points are awarded for outrageousness, elevating this effort to a grade of C. Some of the nudity is very nicely done, including a scene where Hummel masturbates with a long stemmed rose.

IMDb readers say 6.1, which is clearly a cult vote.


Pascale Rivault

Lizbeth Hummel

Sirpa Lane







Holy Hanna! What happened to Aretha Franklin? That's really what she looks like now. See the article here.

What would a day be like without a story about or some some public exposure from Lindsay Lohan. We don't know. There is nobody now alive who can remember such a day.