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Scoopy Jr's Pic of the Day!
  • Hold on to your socks kids! Check out one of the hottest pictures I have ever seen of Jennifer Aniston by Valentino! With the exception of her Rolling Stone pics a few years ago, I think this is some of her most revealing work. Plus, it's a super quality scan and very artistic. This one will be going into my personal collection!
    From Graphic Response
  • More fresh variety from Graphic Response. As I've mentioned in the past, his work should really be considered as tributes to the celebs, not just a collection of images.
  • This next one is a tribute to a movie performance. It's Jennifer Connelly, from "Inventing the Abbots".
  • Stacy Yarbrough. A busty young babe hanging out with The Worm. "Double Team" was recently on cable the other day, and you know what's really sad?...Of the three main "actors" in the movie, Rodman was the best. But don't polish up his Palme d'Or quite yet. It's not like he was stacked up against Samuel Jackson, Spacey, and Tom Hanks here. His competition: the colorful, but marginally human Mickey Rourke, and the completely clueless Van Damme. Van Damme has been appearing in English language movies now for, what, a decade? I think maybe he should either get James Earl Jones to dub all his dialogue, or maybe think about actually learning the language so his memorized sentences have the inflections in the right places. Heck, he might be a decent performer if he had some idea what he and the other characters are saying. The authors really should play tricks on him like that Monty Python skit about the naughty travel book phrases. "So, my little lead pencil, your belt can be used as an incinerator, eh?" He wouldn't know the difference. Maybe he will turn out to be one of those hidden comedy geniuses, like Matt Dillon and Leslie Nielsen, whose failure to master drama temporarily masks a first magnitude comic star. Perhaps underneath all those muscles resides the Belgian Benny Hill. OK, bad example, but .....
  • For all of the tennis fans, another collage of Stephi Graf in action. As if 478 consecutive hours of tennis coverage on the USA network wasn't enough.
  • From Sisyphus
  • More fantastic stuff from Sisyphus! First up, the very lovely Camilla Vest.
  • Jessica Johansson. I'm not too familiar with this beautiful lady, but she's worth a look.
  • Another image of one of my long time favorites, Kari Wuhrer. I'm thrilled that she's on "Sliders" these days, except for two things. One, she can't go nude on the Sci-Fi channel, and Two, she needs to lose the Cleopatra hair-do!