"Curb Your Enthusiasm"

I just finished watching every episode of this series, so I reckon that I may as well do the nudity recap. There wasn't much to recap, to be honest. There were two instances where Larry or somebody else was watching another show, like Girls Gone Wild, so that provided a little bit of second-hand nudity. Apart from that there were three instances of original nudity:

Season 1, Episode 3: Two adult film performers named Castle and Bianca appear with Bob Odenkirk in an R-rated "film within the show."

Season 5, Episode 6. Various topless Playmates are seen in the mansion's grotto. Later in the episode, Larry's cousin is seen in bed with a playmate played by Bobbi Sue Luther, but the nudity is brief and subtle.

Season 8, Episode 2: Larry and his posse go to see a performance by Richard Lewis's girlfriend, an exotic dancer played by Jan Anderson. The nudity is again inexplicit.

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Eila Adams did another stark naked Flex Appeal on the September 6 edition of Naked News

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A full decade has passed since Anne Hathaway surprised us with her sexy turn in Havoc

Bijou Phillips added to the naked fun with Hathaway

This week we have movies from the early 80s:

The House on Sorority Row

The nudity in The House on Sorority Row (1983) is by Eileen Davidson

 and Jodi Draigie.

 The other good looking women are:

Ellen Dorsher

Harley Jane Kozak

Janis Zido

Kate McNeil

Robin Meloy

Blood Pulls a Gun


Johnny's comments:

Blood Pulls A Gun is about a teenage girl Alice (Odessa Young, someone to look out for) who lives in a hotel owned by her father which is a boring life until Blood (Josh McConville) and his girlfriend (Tess Haubrich) stay for a while and this enlivens the girl. Not a bad little movie and Odessa Young is impressive here and looks like she's going to make it big.

Tess Haubrich 720p film clip (collage below)



Johnny's comments:

Watching Blood Pulls a Gun finally made me to get around to watching another short from 2009, Drowning, a gay drama about a teenage boy who's hopelessly in love with his best friend (played by Xavier Samuel), who is not gay. They go to his girlfriend's house (Tess Haubrich) and spend the afternoon/evening together. Pretty decent short, sadly I'm not able to find a decent quality version of it, except there's an excerpt from the short in much better quality available that just happens to be of Tess Haubrich's nude scene, so score! Love to get the bikini scene in better quality too, looks great there. Tess is someone who is currently getting better roles, so maybe bigger things for her. Only nude scenes are in these two shorts as far as I know, but she has had some sexy stuff in the last Jack Irish telemovie and was recently on Home and Away for a while.

Tess Haubrich 720p film clip (sample below)

TV/Film Clips

Judith Godreche in The Overnight (2015) in 720p

Lucy Owen in The Mend (2014) in 720p

 Merritt Patterson in Wolves (2014) in 720p

Julie Sumnall and Zoe Wanamaker in Prime Suspect (1991) in 1080hd




Rihanna goes shopping more-or-less topless