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"Strike Back"

  (season four)


today: episode ten

Michelle Lukes

Bond, James Bond

Tuesday, 15 August this year was the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Ian Fleming. This week, I’m finishing the homage to James Bond, from Timothy Dalton to the present day. I have also included the original Casino Royale. It starred David Niven and a host of others as James Bond. You’ll recognise some of the women's names as people who were in the ‘official’ James Bond movies. There is very little nudity, with just the occasional nipple poking out and the occasional bare backside. However, the women are still beautiful.

Casino Royale

(1967 version)

Casino Royale (1967) has at least half a dozen James Bonds, with David Niven being the main one. If you listen to the movie’s back story, it is a wonder it was every completed. I gather Peter Sellers was at his temperamental best. However, it was completed and has the most humour of all of them, and probably the most women, who are:

Angela Scoular

Barbara Bouchet

Daliah Lavi

Deborah Kerr

Jacqueline Bisset

Joanna Pettet

Ursula Andress

Lots not identified

Cat Run


Johnny's comments:

Cat Run is a thriller where Catalina (Paz Vega) escapes from a house in Montenegro where a hooker is killed by sleazy American politician (Christopher McDonald) and all the other prostitutes are gunned down by a sinister group of bodyguards. In her escape, Catalina stops off to use the phone at a restaurant run by an American named Anthony (Scott Mechlowicz), who is joined by his out-of-luck buddy Julian (Alphonso McAuley). Catalina steals Julian's phone and Anthony's car as she desperately tries to get back to her baby, who is being minded by her sister. But it seems Catalina also stole a hard drive with highly sensitive information and the assassin Helen Bingham (Janet McTeer) is brought in to take care of her. Meanwhile Anthony and Julian see what is happening in the papers and decide to start a detective agency as they think they can catch Catalina and get a reward for doing so. They are in for a rude shock when they find out they are way out of their depth. But, they form an unlikely ally to help them and save Catalina and her baby from certain death.

A silly but still fairly enjoyable thriller with gratuitous violence and nudity throughout, so it's very much a movie for men. The laughs are hit and miss and Janet McTeer does her best Helen Mirren impersonation and is the best thing in it, but apart from that it's a "watch and completely forget soon after you've watched it" movie.

Ana Sakic film clip (sample below)

Biljana Hrzeniak and Marija Tonic film clip (sample below)

Biljana, Marija and others film clip (sample below)

TV and Film Clips

Tilda Swinton in Only Lovers Left Alive (2014). Tilda looks better at 53 than she looked when young!

Lindsay Burdge in A Teacher (2013)


Kendall Jenner nude leaked by sister Kourtney

Miley in V mag

Miley colorized, early attempt