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Restless Souls



The Sex Files: Restless Souls (1998) starts with a familiar device: a newlyweds stall out their car on a rainy night and go up to a spooky old house for help. Nobody is there, so they decide to make themselves at home. She is snuggling in bed waiting for him while he showers. A demon who looks just like her takes him on the the shower, while an invisible demon starts on her. He comes out just as she disappears.

A few days later, a psychic team arrives to try and find her. One is the boss, and doesn't seem to have any other talent or purpose. The other guy has pre- and post- cognition. One of the women has telekinetic powers, and the other is, get this, a professional ghost-fucker.

When ghosts sport wood

In your neighborhood

Who ya gonna call?


They arrive at the house in bright sunshine in a busy neighborhood. They immediately see ghosts screwing on the sofa, and soon discover the sinister story of this house. Seems an old civil war general made a pact with the devil. If we could have found a virgin to impregnate with the devil's seed, the South would have won the war. Lucky for us there were no virgins in the South at the time. The general, however, is still trying.

This was impossible to take seriously and hard to follow, but too boring and not nearly bad enough to be funny. Further, the photography and transfer quality left much to be desired.

IMDb readers say 4.4 with 38 votes.


Grade: D

Ahmo Hight, as the bride, shows breasts, buns and bush. Maureen Flaherty, as an ancient resident, shows breasts. Leslie Harter Zemeckis, as the ghost-fucker, also shows breasts, and Laura Palmer, as the other psychic, does full frontal.


Ahmo Hight



Maureen Flaherty




Leslie Harter Zemeckis



Laura Palmer









Concealed Weapon


Today we take the Time Machine back to 1984 for a thriller in which three ladies show breasts.

Lisa Boyle AKA Cassandra Leigh is only in the first 10 minutes of the movie as the bad guy tries to rape her, then he puts his gun in her mouth and shoots her (off screen thankfully).

Julie Baltee, in her only screen credit, plays a stripper showing her tiny tots.

Karen Stone: nice boobs in the shower.







Notes and collages


Jenette Goldstein

...and now for something completely different...

Ms. Goldstein as the bad ass marine "Vasquez" in "Aliens."

No skin yet this woman was hot (and the film is non-stop action.)

This was her first film and if you check out her IMDB website biography, she is quite the actress.

Kudos to her.







Si desearas la mujer de tu narco

Marisol and Hugo make a living growing Cocaine plants in their own home, working for a drug lord known as Salomon. A "supervisor" named Beto has been sent to their house to verify that things are working accordingly. However, the real reason for his visit is so that Marisol and Hugo can investigate if Beto is planning on betraying Salomon. The best way to find out, according to them, is by seducing him. However the tables turn and Marisol gets emotionally involved with her visitor. Her husband realizes this and as proof of her loyalty, asks her to bring Beto's head to pay for his sin of coveting the wife of a narco.


Alexa Castillo











Elisha Cuthbert









Normal Life

Love can be corrupting, as this very good 1996 crime drama illustrates. Besides a great story, the movie has some great nudity by Ashley Judd.

Chris is a young cop who falls in love with Pam, a beautiful young woman who unfortunately is mentally unstable, and addicted to alcohol and drugs. After they marry, Chris struggles to maintain a normal life while Pam spends money faster than they both can make it.

Because he refuses to lie for a fellow cop, he is eventually put in a situation where he loses his job. Desperate to maintain a decent life for himself and Pam, who he still loves despite all the problems, he decides to use his knowledge of police work to do the one thing that he knows will bring in money: rob banks.

A powerful movie with an exciting story that keeps you engrossed, and of course a predictably sad ending, this one is a must see. Ashley's nudity just makes it all the better.


Ashley Judd






A film clip of Monica Bellucci in Shoot 'em Up. This is one crazy-ass sex scene in a crazy-ass, and deliberately over-the-top Clive Owen / Paul Giamatti movie which just opened this weekend. It's a very tiny frame size, and the nudity is minimal, but it's still a must-see. After seeing this, I decided to go to the movie.

Samples below. They have been magnified 3X, so the quality is not impressive, but (1) it's a movie that just opened; (2) it's Monica Bellucci, dammit!


A film clip of Emmanuelle Chriqui in In The Mix (She's in the shower, but you can't see jack.)
A film clip of Ellen Chan in Exiled
A film clip of Molly Berg in Bloodlines. 2007 movie about the usual inbred, deformed Southerners.
A film clip of Julie Gayet in Le Lievre De Vatanen. She's not the most beautiful French actress, but there's something about her - a radiant smile and a very animated face - sort of the French version of Piper Perabo.
Two film clips from Le Gran Appartement. Normal clips this time, with the sound.


Lacey Chabert downblouse in New Wave
Cicciolina in La Liceale. She's the famous porn star who became a legislator in Italy. Well, actually, some porn experience is required to run for office in Italy.