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SAMPLE: You may be interested to see that Valeria Golino is still showing some flesh from time to time.

Valeria Golino



No nudity unless you like Ben Affleck's butt, but I wrote a long article, with pics, if you're interested. (Movie House Article)




Third party videos:

Tiny Anna Friel looks great showing it all in The Tribe (1998). She only weighed about 90 pounds, but it was assembled quiet nicely. Three .avis zipped together. Samples below

Anna Friel


Abbie Cornish in Candy (2006). Zipped .avi . See the sample images in the Cornish volume in the Encyclopedia




#55 AND #56
  • ... that's 13 dingers in the last 16 games, if I'm counting right! He only had five homers in his first 93 at-bats, through May 3. Fortunately, the Phils didn't send him down to the minors, although he did get a rest day on May 1st! Since those first 93 at-bats, he's gone downtown 51 times in only 411 at-bats. That's a better frequency than Babe Ruth's best year, 1920, when Il Bambino hit 54 in 457 at-bats. (And Ruth's 1920-22 records are polluted by the fact that he played at the Polo Grounds. Ruth was a left-handed pull hitter and the right field fence at the Polo Grounds was only 251 feet away!)

Here are all 12 naked female ski instructors from the 2007 calendar.

I don't really like soundboards, but even I can't resist the Samuel L. Jackson Soundboard

Take Me Back To The Sixties, a flash film with plenty of music.

Google Answers ... Ask a question. Set your price. Get your answer.

Was the world trade center a controlled demolition or some other conspiracy? Here are the scientists' reports: NIST and the World Trade Center

Elizabeth Hurley doing something somewhere in a very low-cut dress

Feds Warn Of Possible 9/11 Popsicle Stick Plot

Conan O'Brien - The Crocodile Hunter brings out one motherfuckin' snake that will never fit on a motherfuckin' plane versus Scientology

The trailer for The Genius Club

  • Seven super-geniuses get together to solve the world's problems in one night

The 10 Best Jackass Skits of All Time

Awesome! John Travolta in Hairspray!

Ellen DeGeneres will host next year's Oscars

  • Her film credentials? I guess the selection committee was wowed by Mr. Wrong

Lindsay Lohan a victim of major theft

  • Her Hermes bag was stolen at London's Heathrow Airport, and the contents were reported to be worth "upwards of $1 million."
  • This explains those other pictures. Her panties were in that bag!
  • I can sympathize with her. I always carry a million dollars worth of stuff on me when I fly.

Katie Couric sign-off recommendation of the day:

"... bringing you the news five times a week. And THAT's the frequency, Kenneth."



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Maria's Lovers (1984)

Directed and co-written by Andrei Konchalovsky, Maria's Lovers is set in a Yugoslavian neighborhood in a small Pennsylvania town just after WW2. Ivan Bibic (John Savage) has just been released from the army after being held in a Japanese POW camp. He gives the army shrink the right answer to "What are you thinking about?" but, of course, has some emotional scars after his ordeal. Upon his return, he immediately looks for his old girlfriend, Nastassja Kinski, and is disappointed to find she is seeing a Marine captain. Thinking about her was the only thing that got him through his imprisonment. She does dump the captain to marry Bibic, only to find that he can't get an erection with her, probably because he built her up to near sainthood in his mind.

Mortified, he goes off to another town. Meanwhile, she finds a way to lose her virginity and have the baby she so desperately wants in the form of an itinerate singing guitarist/hustler (Keith Carradine).

The photography is a treat and the film is well-made in general. Kinsky is superb in this film. Carradine did an outstanding job as the guy who hustles his good looks and dubious musical skills into cash gigs in bars and into ladies' beds. Robert Mitchum as Savage's father rounds out a very good cast, which also included John Goodman and Vincent Spano. The plot is interesting as well, but not always pleasant to watch.

Scoop's notes:

Writer/director Andrei Konchalovsky hasn't had much success in his English-language projects, having reached a career nadir with the infamous Tango and Cash, but decades earlier he had established quite a reputation in the Soviet Union for his collaborations with the legendary Tarkovsky. Konchalovsky co-authored the film which many serious film scholars feel to be the greatest of all time: Andrei Rublyov! Who could have dreamed that the same man worked on Andrei Rublyov and Tango and Cash? Konchalovsky did create one impressive, heartfelt story in English: The Inner Circle, which is a true story about the man who was Stalin's private film projectionist. Although it stars Tom Hulce (Animal House, Amadeus), and features Bob Hoskins as the sinister Beria, it has never been released to DVD, and I'd like to own a copy.


Nastassia Kinski shows breasts, first in a sex scene, then later looking at herself in a mirror. She also show a flash of public hair in the sex scene.







Dann reports on Devour:

I don't recall hearing much about this 2005 occult horror flick when it came out, and that's too bad, because it was pretty good. With the same "evil spawn" theme as The Omen or Rosemary's Baby, but with a completely different plot, it holds your attention right up to the surprising ending.

When just-turned-21 Jake confides to his two closest friends that he's been having bloody nightmares while awake, they introduce him to an Internet game called "The Pathway". The Pathway "does things" for it's contestants, but then, The Pathway expects you to do things in return, not very nice things sometimes.

Things get darker and bleaker for Jake when the two friends commit suicide, separately and for no apparent reason. Things continue to get worse as his girlfriend seems to have her own agenda.

A cool, scary, spooky tale with an ending you probably won't foresee. Worthwhile.

Dominique Swain Noelle Reno





There has been a technical problem concerning the second half of the "Alabama Jones & the Busty Crusade" pics.  That problem is me, and my almost complete lack of technical aptitude. I hope to have them recreated and in  the mail to Scoop on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  Until then, a few pics of Lucy Brown (insert you favorite "Mack the Knife" joke here) from the movie "Sharpe's Challenge."






Emma Manion -  Camp Blood, The Musical.

Kelli Brook - Conflict of Interest.  (Sorry, dudes. This is Kelli with an "i")

Helen Buday - Alexandra's Project

Jessica Simpson - What legs! What a chest!  If only she'd shut up.



Pat's comments in yellow...

Tracy Costin, owner of the Connecticut polling company DataUSA, could face prison and restitution payments when she is sentenced for admitting to conspiracy to commit wire fraud by falsifying poll data provided to clients from both political parties, including President Bush.  The FBI estimates that half the data sent to Bush was falsified.  Workers claim they were pressured to meet deadlines by changing the sex or party affiliation of respondents, or just making up the answers.  They said they were told if they couldn't get
someone to reply, then "talk to cats and dogs."

*  This explains Bush's new Medicare proposal: "Free Prescription Catnip."

*  The good news for Bush: his dog actually approves of the job he's doing.



By the end of this month, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will have to decide the future of California's toilets and urinals.  The Legislature passed a last-minute bill mandating all new structures to install new waterless urinals and even lower-flow, 1.3-gallon toilets. Proponents say it will save millions of gallons of water, but critics say low-flow toilets don't work and they want the government out of their bathrooms.  Arnold's spokesman said, "The governor has not taken a position" yet.

*  But Arnold assures us that when he does, it will be a standing position.

*  He knows that the right decision could make him go down in history as
California's #1 governor.

* The Flushinator!


Paris Hilton got her first DUI citation in Hollywood at around 1 a.m. Wednesday.  A cop saw her driving erratically, she failed a breath test and was taken in.  Police claimed she got no special treatment, but her mug shot wasn't released, and her PR agent was allowed to take her home after 90 minutes rather than the minimum three hours.  Paris claimed she'd had only one margarita, her .08 blood alcohol was the minimum for a DUI, and the cops were making a statement.  She said she had been working and attending a charity event all day with no food and just wanted an In-'n'-Out Burger, and she was "starving because I had not ate all day" and possibly "speeding a little bit", but everything she does gets blown out of proportion and "it hurts my feelings." 

*  If she wasn't drunk, why did she go into that obscene rant about how all
the wars in history were caused by Nicole Richie?