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This week we have movies from the early 80s:

Bad Timing

Bad Timing (1980) has plenty of nudity, particularly by Theresa Russell.

Dana Gillespie,

Ellan Fartt

and an unidentified woman are also naked.

The deleted scenes are also interesting.

Theresa Russell

Dana Gillespie


Queen of Carthage


Johnny's comments:

Queen of Carthage is a drama about Amos (Shiloh Fernandez), an American who is currently drifting around New Zealand with his only real company being talking on the phone to his sister Jane (voiced by Rose McIver in her Masters of Sex voice). That is until he meets Phoenix (Amanda Tito) after she stops him from stealing a postcard and they become friendly. Amos then meets Graham (Graham Candy), a talented musician/singer with potential and a lust for life and Amos is instantly attracted to him, although he is a relationship with Simi (Keisha Castle-Hughes). While living between Phoenix's home, much to the chagrin of her brother and Graham and Simi's place, Amos attempts to convince Graham to come back to California with him to record his music. One night, Amos and Graham have some fun with Phoenix and her friend, but during the night, Amos decides to kiss Graham, much to Graham's disgust. While Graham calms down and continues to be friends with Amos, things start to fall apart for Amos including Phoenix wanting more from their relationship and escalating the friction between Phoenix and her brother as well as been shown up as fraudulent at a party by another American, which results in Simi finding Graham with another woman and causes them to split up. After destroying a guitar Amos made for him, Graham attempts to get rid of Amos, but by now, Amos's obsession with Graham is at it's peak and it's going to end in tragedy. OK movie, not really adding anything new to the obsession genre, but the story is good enough to make it fairly watchable. The ending is a little baffling in fact, the whole final act doesn't seem to be explained properly. I don't really understand what his sister has to do with it, let alone whether or not she's real or just another of Amos's constructs. Interesting enough story that could be explained a bit better, but still worth a look.)

Amanda Tito 720p film clip (collage below)

TV/Film Clips

Ruby Fee in As We Were Dreaming (2015) in 720p

Marie Denarnaud in Une Histoire Banale (2014)

Marie Denarnaud in Les Adoptes (2011) in 1080hd

Sima Fisher (foreground below) and an unidentified woman in Casino Jack (2010) in 720p

Madchen Amick in Dream Lover (1994) in 1080hd. I never tire of this one.

Mariel Hemingway in The Mean Season (1985) in 720p


Model Evita Lima