"Dream On"

I've already covered seasons one and two with collages which were made from the DVD set. The results are chronicled here, and the actual collages can be found in the back issues. I still have those DVDs, so I'll go back and make film clips when I finish covering the rest of the series, which I'm going to start today. I'm going to do seasons 3-6 because they have rarely been covered at all, and have never been catalogued show-by-show. That's because they've never been released to DVD. These broadcast clips are better than VHS quality, but not up to DVD standards.

Well, I got through another 17 episodes. The nudity pace slowed down quite a bit in the second half of season four and the intro to season five, but the scenes were actually pretty good once somebody finally got naked.

Nudity report for episodes 11-26 of season four:

  • Episode 11 - male: Steve Blackwood showed his buns while getting a tattoo; female: Marie Caldare shows off heavily tattoed breasts (FILM CLIP).
  • Episode 12 - none
  • Episode 13 - none
  • Episode 14 - none, but Robin Tunney had a lot of sex with the son.
  • Episode 15 - none
  • Episode 16 - male: Benben shows his butt; female: Sally Kellerman shows some side-boob (FILM CLIP)
  • Episode 17 - none
  • Episode 18 - none
  • Episode 19 - Heidi Sorenson shows T&A in two sex scenes (FILM CLIP).
  • Episode 20 - none
  • Episode 21 - none
  • Episode 22 - none
  • Episode 23 - none
  • Episode 24 - Melissa Justin shows her breasts (FILM CLIP)
  • Episode 25 - Melissa Justin shows her breasts yet again (FILM CLIP)

Nudity report for episodes 1-2 of season five, a shorter series which aired entirely in the summer of 1994:

  • Episode 1 - none
  • Episode 2 - none



  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.





American Version, Season One, 2011


While I fiddle around with old episodes of Dream On in sub-DVD quality, Aesthete is going to take on all the top TV shows of 2011 in 1920x1080 clips. Shameless comes up first on his list, but he'll also get to Game of Thrones and the Spartacus prequel.

Laura Slade Wiggins film clips. See below.


Shanola Hampton film clips. See below.




Film Clips

Alessia Barela in Diciottanni Il mondo ai miei piedi (2010)

Pihla Viitala in Hustlers (2010)

Mariana Lima in A Suprema Felicidade (2010)

Kelsey Munge in A Horrible Way to Die (2010)

Amy Seimetz, also in A Horrible Way to Die

Amy Adams in The Fighter (2010) in 1080p

Krew Boylan in Primal (2010) in 1080p

Keesha Smith in Fear Chamber (2009)

Bianca Barnett, also in Fear Chamber

Rebecca Hall in Wide Sargasso Sea (2006)

Theresa Russell in Hotel Paradise (1995)



Susan George in Straw Dogs (1971) in 1080p

(The remake with Kate Bosworth is supposed to come out next week)