One of the Melanie Laurent videos from Enemy was corrupt in yesterday's post from Johnny Moronic.

Here is a correct version.

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"Strike Back"

  (season four)


today: episode six


Attack of the Giant Leeches


Hoser remake of the 1959 b-movie.

Shawna McSheffrey: very nice bra and panties.

Kerri Draper: cleavage, fully clothed sex.

Rise of the Damned


Canadian horror but the DVD is only available in the UK,

Liane Balaban: sexy.

Erica Cerra: sexy.

Holly Eglington: topless but dead.

unknown: topless but dead.

Club Utopia

(2013; trailer)

Another movie taking part in a strip club.

Elise Muller: very nice cleavage in brassiere.

Inna Ivanova: bra and panties having sex.

Heather O'Donnell: sexy as stripper.

Lindsay Leighton: buns in bra and panties as stripper in background.

strippers: very little nudity, mostly bar and panties.

Risk Factor

(2013; trailer)

Another movie taking part in a strip club.

strippers: sexy only.

Reverse Angle


Emmanuelle Vaugier: brassiere having fully clothed sex.

Kim Doucet: very nice cleavage as waitress.

Heidi Hawkins: cleavage as waitress.

Sabine Rondeau: sexy.

Alysha Aubin: upskirt as cheerleader.

"The Strain"

episode: "The Box" (s1e2)

Jacqueline Byers: partial boob in orgy.

Jessica Salgueiro: boobs and buns in orgy but she's wearing pasties,

Amanda Chung: buns in bra and panties in orgy.


episode: "Doll Parts" (s2e11)

Kristina Pesic: bra and panties in sex tape, butt in catfight.

Nicole Munoz: having fully clothed sex in skimpy bikini while in hottub.

America Olivo: very nice cleavage.

Amelia Burstyn: very stacked as handmaiden.


Amelia Burstyn: stacked showing a lot of bare boobage in modeling shots.

"Hot Mom"

webisode "Yoga Beetch" (s1w02)

Amber Goldfarb: showing cleavage and butt in purple top.

webisode Hangover Hangs (s1w03)

Sara Bradeen: cleavage.

SwearNet: The Movie

(2014; redband trailer)

Now that the movie is out, here's an update. (Also a brand new season of the Trailer Park Boys is now streaming on Netflix.)

Sarah Jurgens: sexy but she almost bares all later on in the movie.

Shannon Leroux: sexy in bikini top which she later keeps on for later sex scene.

Mishael Morgan: cleavage.

Emily Mountford (viking horns), Ann Pirvu (bikini) and Fiona Carver (blonde)

Samantha Barrett: provides the only bare boobs in the movie.


Sarah Jurgens, Ann Pirvu and Shannon Leroux
(all showing a lot of cleavage at red carpet event)

Emily Mountford: sexy lingerie modeling pics.

Jeanna Harrison
(She played Ricky's daughter since the beginning of the Trailer Park Boys.)

TV Clips

Sofia Helin in Broen (circa 2013) in 1080hd

Tova Magnusson, also from Broen

Sarah Boberg in Rejseholdet (circa 2000) in 720p

Film Clips

Marine Sainsily in La creme de la creme 2014 1080hd

Natalia Avelon in Alles Inklusive 2014 1080hd

Carolina Guerra in The Damned 2013 720p

Trine Appel in Julie 2011 720p

Maibritt Saerens in Sykt Lykkelig 2010 1080hd

Pia Tjelta
in Lonsj 2008 1080 hd

Sonja Richter in Elsker dig for evigt 2001 720p

Natalie Raynes & Jennifer Rovero in Rock Star 2001 720p

Regina Lund in Sjon 1999 1080hd

Michelle Bjorn Andersen in Hjaelp min datter vil giftes 1993 720p

Nicolette Krebitz in Schicksalsspiel 1993 720p

Dayle Haddon in La supplente 1975