TV Round-Up

Two from the BBC this week:

Christine Tremarco in Good Cop (s1e2)

Anna Maxwell Martin in Accused (s2e4)

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(1920x816 clip)

Eva Green


This week I am continuing the British movies, starting at 1991 and ending in 2004.

Here's part 1 of the weekend's show


Alfie (2004) is not a patch on the original Michael Caine Alfie but there are some lovely looking women.

The only nudity is by a topless Sienna Miller

and a bit of nipple by Nia Long.

The others look good:

Jane Krakowski,

Marisa Tomei,

Susan Sarandon

and some not identified.

Love Actually

Love Actually (2003) has Joanna Page

and Laura Linney showing their boobs.

The other women are good looking:

Denise Richards

Elisha Cuthbert

Emma Thompson

Heiki Makatsch

Keira Knightley


Lucia Moniz

Martine McCutcheon

Sienna Guillory

My Summer of Love

Emily Blunt

and Natalie Press in My Summer of Love (2004) are nicely topless.

Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady

No nudity in Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady (1991) but Morgan Fairchild is at her sexiest.

Film/TV Clips

Avant-garde singer Amanda Fucking Palmer (that's her real stage name - note the poster here) stark naked in two videos you won't see on VH1.

Veronica Cash and others in The Pamela Principle (1992)


Elizabeth Cervantes in Volveras (2002)

Joana Rane, also in Volveras