"Dream On"

I've already covered seasons one and two with collages which were made from the DVD set. The results are chronicled here, and the actual collages can be found in the back issues. I still have those DVDs, so I'll go back and make film clips when I finish covering the rest of the series, which I'm going to start today. I'm going to do seasons 3-6 because they have rarely been covered at all, and have never been catalogued show-by-show. That's because they've never been released to DVD. These broadcast clips are better than VHS quality, but not up to DVD standards.

Nudity report for episodes 20-26 of season three:

  • Episode 20 - none, although Benben gets to make out with a young Salma Hayek!
  • Episode 21 - lots of T&A from Barbara Alyn Woods! (FILM CLIP)
  • Episode 22 - none, although Benben gets to donate his sperm to Jenny Agutter. Brian Benben picked up a helluva tough assignment with this role. He made out with just about every pretty girl in Hollywood.
  • Episode 23 - none at all. A plot-heavy episode featuring a pre-Friends Matthew Perry as an arrogant young office slimeball who tries to manipulate his way to the top.
  • Episode 24 - breasts from Kim Shirkani (FILM CLIP)
  • Episode 25 - brief breasts from Roxanne Hart (FILM CLIP)
  • Episode 26 - breasts from a vacuuming neighbor seen through a telescope (FILM CLIP)

Nudity report for episodes 1-10 of season four:

  • Episode 1 - none
  • Episode 2 - none
  • Episode 3 - female: T&A from Trula Marcus  (FILM CLIP); male: buns from Darien Wilson
  • Episode 4 - various topless women in magazine pictures  (FILM CLIP)
  • Episode 5 - random women on TV's "naked channel"  (FILM CLIP)
  • Episode 6 - none
  • Episode 7 - male nudity only: the top of Benben's bum.
  • Episode 8 - no nudity, although Benben has a long sex scene with Gates McFadden (Dr Crusher from Star Trek: TNG).
  • Episode 9 - female: modest side boobs from Elizabeth Pena in various sex scenes  (FILM CLIP), and breasts from Trish Ramish in a shower scene (FILM CLIP); male: buns from Benben in the Pena scenes.
  • Episode 10 - three topless scenes featuring statuesque Linda Dona  (FILM CLIP).



  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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American Version, Season One, 2011


While I fiddle around with old episodes of Dream On in sub-DVD quality, Aesthete is going to take on all the top TV shows of 2011 in 1920x1080 clips. Shameless comes up first on his list, but he'll also get to Game of Thrones and the Spartacus prequel.

Emmy Rossum film clips. See below.



Film Clips

(followed by samples when available)

Julie Engelbrecht in Die Taenzerin: Lebe Deinen Traum (2011)

Mara Cuevas in Oscura Seduccion (2011)

Elizabeth Cervantes in Oscura Seduccion (2011)

Antonia Zegers in Post Mortem (2010)

Lyubov Tolkalina in Khroniki Izmeny (2010)

A very brief flash from Sophia Myles in Colditz (2010) in 1080

Eva Santolaria in Susanna (1996)

Barbora Kodetova in Posel, a 1995 broadcast on Czech TV

Samantha Mathis in Pump up the Volume (1990) in 1080hd

Rosalind Cash in The Omega Man (1971) in 1080



More of Elena Anaya on the beach

Leilani Dowding on Miami Beach

Piper Perabo in Coyote Ugly (2000)

Anne Heche in Donnie Brasco (1997; no nudity)

Trisha Sterling in Sandpit Generals (1971)



Barbara Crampton in From Beyond

Agnes Blanchot in Scout Toujours

Jamie Tisdale in Meet Monica Velour

Katherine Randolph in One in the Gun

Maria Bello in The Cooler

Marie Baumer in Die Falscher

Marjorie Estiano in Amor em 4 Atos

Seong Hye-Rim in July 32nd

Stella Stevens in The Ballad of Cable Hogue

Laura Dern in Wild at Heart

Leilani Dowding

Linda Fiorentino in After Hours