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Eye of the Needle


Kate Nelligan film clips

Eye of the Needle, while a good movie in its own right, is most famous as the film that got Welsh director Richard Marquand a dream job - directing a Star Wars movie (Return of the Jedi). He's the only non-American ever to direct one.

Those two movies are pretty much the only worthwhile projects he ever worked on, not because he suddenly became incompetent, but because he had a stroke and ran into the Grim Reaper while still in his forties, and that encounter tended to slow down his career a bit, as it would do for anyone not named Elvis.

Raw screen grabs










This flick starred Rebecca Romijn, and she got topless, but the scene was very dark, so we did the best we could in these caps and a HD clip.


TV Land

Over in TV Land Kristen Cavallari does a leg & thigh show visiting "Chelsea Lately" who shows some cleavage. Caps and a HD clip in which the sound is a little out of sync.





Part one of two this week from Defoe

Four clips of  Salome Stevenin in Comme une Etoile dans la Nuit



The Informers


As I expected when I reviewed 2009's The Informers trailer in May 2009, the movie isn't anything special. The nudity sure is, however, even better than the trailer led me to expect.

The story's sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll theme, set in the 1980's, is not unique. The characters, every one of them, are the biggest collection of flaming assholes you are ever likely to come across. Not one character in this movie is what I would call "likeable". Some are simply less obnoxious than others.

The movie tries hard to shock the viewer, and in that it succeeds. However, the characters are so unlikable that at the end you'll be kind of glad for the bad things that befall most of them, and sorry for the bad things that didn't befall some of them. Only Amber Heard's nudity makes this thing worth watching. The caps are from the Blu-ray version.

Amber Heard Jessica Stroup Milena Arango


Scoop's preface:

If you love vintage rock, you are probably familiar with Leo from the Pop Culture Palace, which assembled a glorious collection of rare videos of performances dating back to about a week or so before the Big Bang, when all of existence consisted only of two elements: a mysterious anti-matter and, of course, Joan Collins.

Anyway, Leo has now turned his attention from pop music to films, and having been a long time reader of the Fun House, he revealed to us that he's always wanted to be a contributor.

Well, Leo, one good about having modest dreams - at least they have a good chance of coming true. You're in. (And feel free to re-design the look of this section.)

Closely Watched Trains


Leo's notes:

Jitka Zelenohorská as Zdenka, a lovely young telegraph operator working at a small train station in German-occupied Czechoslovakia in “Closely Watched Trains”. You probably haven’t heard of this actress, although she has appeared in over seventy films in her native Czechoslovakia She has a relatively small role in this film, but it had an impact. Her fling with the train dispatcher was one of the sexier scenes of the year. She really shines in the aftermath of the fling after it gets discovered by her mother. Her facial expressions are among the best I’ve ever seen as she shows her nonchalant attitude and intense sex appeal with every glance and smile. I’m probably going to get a real education in Czech cinema as I track down more of her movies. She gets a nomination from me and she’s also got herself a new American fan.

Film clips here. Captures below


Wall of Secrets

(2003; TV)

Sliver-type movie about a couple (Nicole Leggert and Dean McDermott aka Mr. Tori Spelling) moving into in an apartment which turns out to have hidden surveillance cameras in every room.

Anne Nahabedian: topless sex scene in beginning

Nicole Eggert: side boob in shower

Jennifer Marcil (blonde) & Sophie Gendron (brunette): cleavage

Sarah Allen: sexy

"Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy"

(TV series; 1999-2000)

Almost no nudity in this tv series but in the beginning of the second episode Kimberly Warnat (Going the Distance) strips down to bathe in a river. Got me hooked.


(2009; TV)

Docudrama released on the 40th anniversary of the Tate/LaBianca murders. Almost no sex or violence.

Tamara Hope & Brittany Scobie: playing Mansonites Linda Kasabian and Sadie Hawkins in lesbian scene.

unknown: not in credits but she played the doomed Sharon Tate.

"Howie Do It"

pilot episode

The blonde bikini model tricked into covering herself up with whipped cream after a suntanning booth malfunction is Toronto area model Roxane Bryce. You may remember her from the  "Kenny Vs. Spenny" episode "Who can bone more women?"

Howie Do It

Kenny Vs. Spenny

"Paradise Falls"

season III

No (female) nudity for the first week but here's Michelle Latimer, Kim Poirier, Chantal Quesnel, and Kim Schraner in the opening sequence.




Megan Fox. She's dressed but, hey, she's Megan Fox.

Tetyana Brazhnyk

Georgina Spelvin in The Devil in Miss Jones




Film Clips

A real rarity, previously unknown to me as well as to Mr Skin: Maria Conchita Alonso in Savana - Sesso E Diamanti. This is a 1978 movie, apparently Italian. It isn't listed on IMDb, but is on Il Davinotti. Alonso would have been 21, so this is just a year or so after she ended her reign as Miss Venezuela. The key fact is that it is a cheesy 1970s softcore sex film, so she's extremely naked (and natural)! Below find a sample and a picture of the video tape box. Here is the film clip.

Eva Marie Saint: her only film nudity, in Loving. Clip here, caps/collages below.

Some women from The Outer Limits:

Geraldine Chaplin in L'Adoption

Gala Evora in Lola

Laia Marull in Take My Eyes