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Capriccio (Love and Passion)


Capriccio is an erotic tale from the notorious butt-worshipper Tinto Brass.

A married couple (Nicola Warren and Andy J. Forrest) returns to Italy shortly after WW II. He is researching a project for UNESCO, but both are looking forward to picking up where they left off during the war with their Italian lovers, Luigi Laezza and Francesca Dellera. He has little trouble climbing back into bed with Rosa (Dellera), but she has more trouble finding Ciro (Laezza). Both end up realizing that things that happened in Italy were better left in Italy.

Along the way, Tinto uses every opportunity to show loving looks at generous backsides, and manages full frontal from both Nicola Warren and Francesca Dellera. Some of the sex is steaming hot, and the relationships seem believable, so this is one of Tinto's better efforts, and a solid example of  Eurotica.


IMDb readers say 4.7

Grade for the film: C


Love and Passion (aka Capriccio)



Francesca Dellera



Nicola Warren










Cheerleader Massacre


Another really bad horror movie. At least they put in the usual shower scenes.


April Flowers shows of her tiny tater tots.


More boobs in the shower from Charity Rahmer.


More shower action from Tamie Sheffield as she displays the Robo-Hooters.



Rikki Ray flashes her itty bitty tits in a tent.


Julie K. Smith, Regina Russell & Dana Pine in the tub, in a scene from the special features which has nothing to do with the movie. Only for fans of chocolate syrup on the boobs.






Notes and collages

The Cheyenne Social Club

Elaine Devry

"The Cheyenne Social Club" is a charming comedy/western.

As the beneficiary of his late brother's will, quiet, conservative ranch-hand Jimmy Stewart inherits a high-class whorehouse in Cheyenne, Missouri.

Henry Fonda is excellent as Stewart's best friend as this inheritance changes both their lives...

...and all the "ladies" are gorgeous.

Two thumbs up.

Scoop's note: a strong second from me. The film has been largely forgotten, and rarely makes any "best picture" lists, but that is regrettable. It's a good story and a good comedy, the kind of film people would still enjoy today. I'd have no trouble recommending it to my younger kids. In fact, I have the urge to watch it again as soon as I can.

Although it is not a musical, it was the last film directed by the legendary Hollywood song-and-dance man Gene Kelly.








The Last Time

Ted (Michael Keaton), the top seller at a high-tech company, islonely, angry, and mean and he treats everyone in his office like shit, including his boss, John (Daniel Stern). Ted is openly pissed off when he's directed to help orient the new guy, Jamie (Brendan Fraser). One of the best parts of the movie comes when Jamie introduces Ted to his gorgeous fiancée, Belisa (Amber Valletta), after which Ted gives a lecture about love to Jamie, telling him it will take him nowhere.

But soon enough Ted takes an interest in Belisa himself, and his feelings only strengthen when he discovers that Belisa and Jamie aren't entirely happy together. So after going with Jamie to a strip club and taking him home wasted he has sex with Belisa in the same bed where Jaime is sleeping. Here starts a love story between Ted and Belisa.

Or so we are led to believe.

But the movie is not what it seems and neither are the characters. I won't say much because I don't want to ruin the movie to anyone who wants to watch it.

  • Amber is beautiful and shows her breasts, as do a couple of unknown strippers
  • Also Playboy model Breann McGregor shows the goods but in a deleted scene. (Thank God for DVD!)


Amber Valletta




Breann McGregor















Penelope Cruz




Kristin Scott Thomas

Number thirteen - the breast close-up - is a body double








You may have noticed that LC hasn't contributed much lately. He made up for that all in one massive submission!
Amanda Seyfried in Big Love
Ginnifer Goodwin in Big Love
Ashley Judd in Bug
Berta Lasala in Sexo Con Amor
Carolina Oliva in Sexo Con Amor
Catalina Guerra in Sexo Con Amor
Javiera Diaz De Valdes in Sexo Con Amor
Maria Izquierdo in Sexo Con Amor
Sigrid Alegria in Sexo Con Amor
Brooke Banner in Californication
Rachel Miner in Californication
Callie Thorne in Rescue Me
Chloe Armstrong, Kate Bell, and Miranda Nation in Macbeth
Victoria Hill in Macbeth
Crystal Lowe in Wrong Turn 2
Helena Mattson in Species: the Awakening
Marlene Favela in Species: the Awakening
Ingrid Thulin in La Caduta Degli De
Jennifer Hill in Ten till Noon
Rayne Guest in Ten till Noon
Karin Viard in Les Ambitieux
Kelsey McCann in Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck
Kuei Mei Yang in Tian Bian Yi Duo Yun
Sumomo Yozakura in Tian Bian Yi Duo Yun
Laina Moulin in Septieme Ciel Belgique
Linh Dan Pham in Pars Vite Et Reviens Tard
Lisa Enos in Snuff Movie
Teri Harrison in Snuff Movie
Lisa Jay in Sex Sells
Lorielle New in Sex Sells
Priscilla Barnes in Sex Sells
Susan Hale in Sex Sells
Malin Bergman, Amanda Bryan, Heidi Edwards, and Kerry McDonald in Murder Party
Mathilde Seigner in Danse Avec Lui
Mayuko Sasaki in Tokyo Erotica
Yumeko Sasaki in Tokyo Erotica
Monica Bellucci in Napoleon et Moi
Rachel Bella in Jimmy and Judy
Sarah Pratt in Breve Traversee
Wendy Rhodes in Inland Empire
some unknowns in Entourage
some unknowns in The Woods Have Eyes






Love Scenes

80's sexploitation, anyone? Tiffany Bolling, a well-known B-movie queen of the 70's and 80's, who also appeared in the Bunny rag in 1972, stars as .... an actress in a sexy movie, what else, in this 1984 drama, one of her last films.

Fresh off a successful movie, a director, Peter, is convinced by his agent to do a movie that is loaded with sex scenes. To ensure the success of the movie, the agent also convinces the guy to draft his very successful actress wife, Val, as the star. Peter and Val love one another very much, and their marriage is solid, but Val is hiding a secret.

When filming starts, during an early sex scene, things get out of hand, and Val winds up actually having sex with the obnoxious leading man. Peter takes a professional attitude about it, realizing it was an accident and Val simply got caught up in the moment. Unfortunately, Peter's attitude changes when he begins to suspect Val is now having an affair with the leading man, and Val threatens to leave the production.

Lame B-movie all the way, but plenty of nudity, and interesting for Tiffany's performance and for a brief one-scene performance by Monique Gabrielle.


Laura Sorrenson Tiffany Bolling Monique Gabrielle






Melanie Lynsky (l) and Anne Dudek (r) in Park

Park is sort of a clone of Crash. It all takes place in one day at a public park in Los Angeles, as "11 disaffected Angelenos find both love and loss in unexpected ways."


One red-hot sex scene with Heather Graham in Two Girls and a Guy. There is not much nudity - a brief peek at part of her bum - and it's dark, but it's still hot stuff.
Three short film clips from from the first episode of Tell Me You Love Me
Lots of quality film clips from season one of Rome (various episodes)
The first of the Vanessa Hudgens nude pics has hit the internet.
Meagan Good in a black dress which exposes her assets in the glare of harsh lights






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

According to columnist Joseph Farah, Sen. Larry Craig's lawyers pointed out to him that the Constitution clearly states that Senators who are traveling to the Capitol to vote, as he was that day, are immune from arrest for anything other than treason, felony or breach of the peace.  That means his misdemeanor arrest in that airport bathroom was unconstitutional and invalid. 

*  So he's saved by the bedrock foundation of the American legal system: That laws don't apply to politicians.

Poor Brad Pitt fears he's losing his looks.  Pitt, 43, told Details magazine that "one thing sucks" about passing 40: "Your face kind of
goes.  Your body's not quite working the same," and he's "watching things fall apart."  He said he doesn't mind because he's "earned it," but the National Enquirer tabloid claims he secretly met with a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to learn about eye lifts to remove wrinkles.  If true, that might not sit well with Angelina Jolie, who opposes plastic surgery and says wrinkles reflect life in a person's face.  That's ironic, since surgeons say Jolie's features are the ones patients most often request. 

*  This means that someday, every woman will look like Angelina Jolie, except Angelina Jolie.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that a city-sponsored Michael Bolton concert was canceled due to lack of ticket sales, and the city had to pay off Bolton's contract guarantee.  The taxpayers ended up paying Michael Bolton $62,800 (US) not to sing.

*  Still, a bargain at any price. 

*  For once, nobody is complaining that their tax dollars were wasted. 

"Naked Chef" Jamie Oliver reacted to news that his new healthy menus in British schools have driven 400,000 students to eat off-campus by endorsing a plan to lock the school gates during lunch so they have to eat in the cafeteria.

* What a great way to combat childhood obesity: only give them food they won't eat.