• Three vids from Season One of Entourage (all zipped .avis):
    • The gorgeous Charlotte Ayanna from Episode 4. I've never understood why Ayanna has no career. She is approximately as beautiful as Alba, is willing to get naked, and is probably a better actress than Alba, although that isn't really a very high hurdle to clear.
    • Julian Wells, Episode 7
    • Suzy McCoppin, Episode 8
  • Roxana Zal in Red Line. (Movie House Review.) Red Line is a bad, bad movie, but Roxana is lovely! (Zipped .avi)
  • Claire Danes in Stage Beauty. (Movie House Review.) A pretty good costumer for the crowd that liked Shakespeare in Love (which includes me.) These high-def videos (two .avis in one .zip file) were so nice that I re-did my collages from this film. (See below.)

Claire Danes



"A Detroit Lions assistant coach was arrested twice in the past two weeks -- once while police say he was driving nude and a week later on suspicion of drunken driving."

Outtakes from Bob Dylan's classic album, Freewheelin'

The readers of Dave Barry's Blog debate Katie Couric's new sign-off slogan.

"New Madman Makes Debut as Anchor of Al-Jazeera Evening NewsCompetition Heats Up for Global Extremist Viewers"

  • "Gone are the days when people would tune in to the nightly newscast to get their insane extremist rants," the executive said. "Today's global madmen are getting their terror threats on the Internet, their mobile phones, and even on their iPods."
  • Elsewhere, John Mark Karr said today that he loved Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin and was with him when he died.

Crocodile Hunter's Most Embarrasing Moments

When Harry met Sally (Struthers)'s Early Report for September 6

Jay Leno's tribute to Crocodile Hunter

URL says it all:

Strong ratings for Katie Couric's debut

  • It was tuned in by all three of the people who still watch network news.

Transcript of President's Phone Call Declining Debate Invitation From Iranistanian Madman Mammoo Allah-Lamma-Ding-Dong (WHITEHOUSE.ORG)

Stormtroopers blast through gender barrier

Screenwriter Joe Esztherhas has written a second tell-all book. Very juicy excerpts here.

MovieJuice! reviews The Wicker Man - A Wicca Joke

Master criminal created all his plans on a Commodore 64!

USA TODAY's fall movie preview

The 50 Dumbest Street Signs. These are fun!

Nicolas Cage Wicker Man Action Figure Hot Tie-In at Pier 1

A six minute promo for Snow Cake. a drama with Sigourney Weaver, Carrie-Anne Moss and Alan Rickman.




Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Story of a Cloistered Nun (1973)

Storia di una monaca di clausura, is an Italian nunsploitation film, but one made before the genre rules were established. It purports to tell a true story and offers higher production values and far less sleaze then subsequent genre efforts. All of the sex is implied, and a topless whipping scene is not very explicit. 

Nunsploitation plays into a very popular Italian male fantasy, but the nuns here look nothing like the ones that taught me. The star is Eleonora Giorgi in her first feature role, and she could not possibly look any better. In one of the special features, she mentioned that Fellini had tried to cast her twice in her youth because of her beauty. The character she plays is betrothed as a baby. When she grows up, she wants a different man. In retaliation, and to save face, her parents place her into a convent. There, after her mandatory first month of hazing, she encounters a lesbian hotbed. The mother superior and another nun both want her, but all she wants is her boyfriend. The other nun, in hopes of winning her affection, arranges for her to see her boyfriend. When that doesn't turn out the way she expected, things go from bad to worse.


While there isn't enough plot to suit me, Giorgi alone is attractive enough to make this worth the watch. The transfer is outstanding, and there is a choice of Italian with English subtitles, or a top notch English dub.

IMDb readers say 5.8.



Paola Senatore shows her breasts.
Eleonora Giorgi does full frontal and rear nudity






Kaela Dobkin from Kicking and Screaming. The fourth one is a new-to-me deleted scene.

Perrey Reeves from Kicking and Screaming.

I really don't know what we're looking at in these pics of Lindsay Lohan at the Venice Film Festival, but whatever it is, the poster claims they are undoctored.

I guess Kate Moss is back to nude modeling, and is just as scary/sexy as ever.

Misty Mundae's latest is called shock-o-rama



Pat's comments in yellow...

Today, the first photos of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' five-month-old daughter Suri will appear in Vanity Fair, but despite intense security, they're already out. The magazine allowed CBS News to show them on new anchor Katie Couric's debut show Tuesday, and bloggers nabbed the images off the screen and soon had them all over the Internet.  Suri looks like any normal baby ...

*  She has dark hair and is very small and likes to throw tantrums ... No,
wait: that's Tom.

A poll by KRC Research and Goodyear found that 25 percent of Russians have had sex while driving.  Also, 30 percent have driven drunk, and 30 percent drive on the center median to pass.  And Russians speed, drive without  seat belts, use cell phones, run red lights, drive drunk and have sex
while driving much more often than any other drivers in Europe.

*  30 percent of Russians admit to driving drunk, and the other 70 percent
can't remember doing it because they were too drunk at the time.

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman proposed turning the city's historic old federal courthouse into a mob museum.  Goodman, a former lawyer who
defended top mobsters nationwide, such as Chicago's Tony "The Ant" Spilotro, said the museum would pay tribute to the city's founders.  He said, "The mob founded us, and I never apologized for them because I represented them and they made me a rich man."

*  They made a LOT of politicians rich men...A lot of judges, too.

*  The problem with visiting the Mob Museum is that every time you'd try to
leave, they'd keep pullin' you back in.  

The editors of the Guinness Book of World Records rejected a claim by Khagendra Thapa Magar of Nepal for the title of world's shortest person.  Magar is only 20 inches tall and weighs 10 pounds, but he's too young to qualify.  He's 14, and the editors say he has to wait until he's 18 before he can be considered for the world's shortest person record.

*  So at least there's one thing Tom Cruise won't be losing for awhile.

*  In the meantime, they advised him to take up smoking to stunt his growth.

*  If he grows at all, he can apply again when he's 70 and starts to shrink. 

Daniel Edwards, the controversial artist who made the sculptures of Suri Cruise's poop and a naked Britney Spears giving birth, is now working on an explicit statue of Brat Pitt having sex with both Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.  The London Daily Star quotes a source as saying that both Jolie and Aniston are horrified and will go to any lengths to stop it from being exhibited, even teaming up legally, but Brad doesn't seem to be bothered by
being portrayed in a threesome.

*  Brad doesn't know much about art, but he knows what he likes.