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Romeo and Juliet

1996, 1920x1038

Claire Danes

This week, movies from the mid 2000s:

Along Came Polly

No visible nudity in Along Came Polly (2004), at least by the women, but Debra Messing,

Jennifer Aniston

and a couple of extras look good in bikinis.


Mundo Depravados

This movie was written and directed by someone named Herb Jeffries (who is billed as Herb Jefferies in the credits and I'm just gonna say that you misspell the name of the guy who wrote and directed the damn thing, maybe, just maybe, the folks who stitched it all together might not be the best crew on the planet.  Just sayin').  The movie blows chunks.  It spews.  Supposed to be funny in places but nope it isn't.  Supposed to be a murder mystery but really no one who watches this could give one fuck or two shits who is killing off the gals in the strip club that doubles as a local TV studio.  And the exposure is at the level of a 12-year-olds idea of sexy.  All of it is framed as voyeurism of shower rooms or dressing rooms

or bedrooms.  I figure they got to the end and said, wait, there are enough T's and A's in this thing and so they threw in some sport-humping scene that otherwise has no one and nothing to do with the rest of the movie.

The gal in that humping scene (unknown #1)

and another gal in a shower scene (unknown #2)


go uncredited even though unknown 2 is called Connie in the movie and plays the part of a deaf secretary

Tempest Storm is in the thing, playing a stripper of sorts - gad, the range on that gal - who teases a bit and reveals nothing vital.

The whole thing woulda been a complete waste were it not for three things on this disc: 1) Bunny Ware has a scene of about five minutes in which she dances nekkid in a dressing room;

3) There is a clip of a much younger and infinitely more attractive Tempest (because she actually smiles and seems to enjoy herself) that pretends to be a documentary.

The commentary on this clip is hilarious in the most unintentional ways but she does reveal how super was her superstructure. 



2016 short

Shari Sebbens bared her butt in this film clip (sample below)

The other woman in the clip is Charlotte Best

TV/Film Clips

Marina Fois in Pericle Il Nero (2016)

Renata Ferraz and Amanda Fontoura in Estive Em Lisboa e Lembrei de Voce (2016; LQ)



Paloma Bernardi in Mais Forte Que O Mundo: A Historia de Jose Aldo (2016; LQ)

Rachel Brosnahan in Louder Than Bombs (2015) in 1080hd

Isabelle Ryan and Lea Moszkowicz in Happy (2015) in 1080hd

Caroline Abras in Augustas (2012) in 720p

Paula Prentiss and Olimpia Carlisi in Catch-22 (1970) in 1080hd




Mathilda May on the set of Lifeforce

Ireland Baldwin naked in ultra HQ

Genevieve Morton

Eva Longoria from "Asleep at the Chateau," a coffee-table book.