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"Strike Back"

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today: episode five

Alexis Peterman and Catherine Walker



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Enemy is a mystery movie about university lecturer Adam (Jake Gyllenhaal) who lives a relatively mundane life with live-in girlfriend Mary (Mélanie Laurent). One day, he is recommended a movie and he decides to hire it and when he watches it, he finds that one of the bit part characters is played by a man who is his doppelgänger. Adam is taken aback by this. Does he have a twin brother he doesn't know about? He decides to contact his doppelgänger, an actor named Anthony (also Gyllenhaal) who is married to Helen (Sarah Gadon), who is pregnant with their child. Anthony does not believe this, but Helen checks Adam out and finds this to be true. Adam and Anthony decide to meet and needless to say that both men do know how to react to what is before them. Later, Anthony decides to use this to his own advantage and score a night with Mary, but Adam curiosity leads him to Anthony's place and both men will have an experience they aren't likely to forget.

Wow, Enemy is a wild, very cryptic ride told at a glacial pace and has a great idea, but I've got to admit, I'm struggling to understand it as a whole. Mainly the spider symbolism throughout the movie including giant spiders stalking the city and that ending. I wish I knew what it all means. Tough movie to recommend though as not a lot happens and the pacing would be prohibitive to most people. Worth a look if you want something outside of a Hollywood blockbuster.

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Off topic:

Also, I saw in cinemas the Australian time-travel movie Predestination from the Spierig Brothers (Undead, Daybreakers) starring Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook and I gotta say it's a wild ride of a movie, but takes a lot of set-up before getting to the pay-off. And what a pay-off, completely fucked up and mindbending. I like time travel movies, so I probably was always going to like this, but the story is completely out there and it works. In regards to nudity, there's one scene where a nurse has sex with a doctor and the nurse shows a breast, but I didn't catch who it was and it was dark and brief, so that doesn't help. There is a credit for Elise Jansen as a nurse, but I'm pretty sure she plays another nurse later in the movie. There's also another scene of nudity, but if I give that away it would be a major spoiler (and I won't be capping it anyway...)

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Lene Maria Christensen in Arvingerne s1e10 1080hd

Maria Erwolter in Kristian s2e4 720p

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Ellen Dorrit Petersen and Vera Vitali in Blind 2014



Emilie Dequenne in Pas son genre 2014 1080hd

 Nadeshda Brennicke in Banklady 2013 1080hd

Malin Crepin in En plats i solen 2012 1080hd

Laerke Winther in Dicte 2012 1080hd

Paula McManus in Fishy 2008 1080hd

Nicole Kidman in Fur 2006 1080hd

Lena Endre in Trolosa 2000 1080hd

Kathrin Lautner in Night of the Running Man 1995 1080hd

Sheree J Wilson in Past Tense 1994 1080hd

Natasha Richardson in In the comfort of strangers 1990 1080hd

Lisbet Lundquist in Violer er bla 1975 720p


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