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(1920x1080 clip)

Holly Hunter


Truth or Die

(aka "Truth or Dare"; 2012)

Truth or Dare is a revenge thriller that follows a group of young kids who are invited to a party by outcast Felix at his family's palatial mansion. When they get there, they are told to go to a shack out back, where they are greeted by Felix's military brother Justin. They start to party and then have a game of Truth or Dare and when Justin is picked, he announces that Felix has hanged himself and wants to get to the bottom of why Felix did it, any which way he can, which is basically just by torturing them. This is going to be a long night with a few surprises, a few deaths and a rather predictable outcome.

Yeah, nothing special here, although I do like it when a character gets to do a third act personality change to take charge of the situation, but that's not enough to save this rather forgettable film.

Jennie Jacques film clip (minimal exposure; collages below)




Film/TV Clips

Agniya Kuznetsova in Vse umrut a ya ostanus (2012) in 720p

Hanna Hall in Scalene (2011) in 720p

Jennifer Blanc in The Victim (2011) again, this time in 720p. Michael Biehn pulled triple duty on this flick. He was the star, writer and director.

Antonia Zegers in Post Mortem (2010) in 720p


Here's an excellent version of that new Nicole Kidman picture