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Johnny Got His Gun

Johnny Got His Gun (1971) is an interesting anti-war film set during the first world war.

Kathy Fields bares her butt.



Love Is a Four Letter Word

Some cleavage and brief pokies by Teri Polo in Love Is a Four Letter Word (2007).



Straight Story

Straight Story (2006) is one weird Greek movie with no nudity.

Kanellina Menouti shows an upskirt

and Meni Konstantinidou shows a bit of sex appeal


My Children are Different

Another French film is My Children are Different aka Mes enfants ne sont pas comme les autres (2003).

No nudity but Élodie Peudipièce shows some pokies and is down to her underwear.


"Burn Notice"

Some caps from the second series of Burn Notice (2008).

A couple of upskirts by Gabrielle Anwar in the episode Trust Me

and a lovely down blouse in the episode Comrades.


"The Facts of Life"

No nudity of course in this 1980s TV show but merely an item of  curiosity.

Helen Hunt appeared in an episode called Dope.


"The Erotic Traveller"

Today's soft core contribution consists of caps from an episode of The Erotic Traveller (2007) called Lost in Ecstasy.

The naked ladies are Tabitha Stevens,

Divini Rae,

Kaylani Lei

and Tonya Cooley.



"Will and Grace"

Continuing the Debra Messing display in Will & Grace, this time from the second season.

Episode 1 - Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner

Debra Messing - pokies

Episode 2 - Election

Debra Messing - pokies

Megan Mullally - pokies


Episode 3 - I Never Promised You an Olive Garden

Debra Messing - in leather


Episode 4 - Polk Defeats Truman

Debra Messing - looking good


Episode 5 - Whose Mom is it Anyway?

Debra Messing - pokies

Megan Mullally - a bit of leg


Episode 6 - Das Boob

Debra Messing - pokies


Episode 8 - Homo for the Holidays

Debra Messing - looking good


Episode 10 - Tea and a Total Lack of Sympathy

Debra Messing - looking good


Episode 12 - Oh Dad, Poor Dad, He's Kept Me in the Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad

Debra Messing - looking good

Episode 13 - Acting Out

Debra Messing - cleavage

Megan Mullally - interesting

Episode 14 - Seeds of Discontent

Debra Messing - looking good


Episode 17 - Advise and Resent

Debra Messing - pokies

Episode 18 - An Affair to Forget

Gretchen German - in leather

Leigh Allyn Baker - in her underwear


Episode 21 - My Best Friend's Tush

Debra Messing - in her underwear


Episode 22 - Girls, Interrupted

Debra Messing - looking good


Episode 24 - Ben? Her?

Debra Messing - cleavage







Tonight with Jay Leno


A little change of pace today as we go the TV route from a "Tonight Show" episode from last year. We have Jessica Simpson hamming it up with Jay Leno. Nice cleavage and some leg from Jessica.






Notes and collages

Stage Beauty


Claire Danes







The Lover


Another small performance ignored. Everyone remembers Jane March in The Lover, perhaps the greatest softcore sex film ever made, but who the hell remembers Lisa Faulkner? I don't. I didn't even know who she was until I just looked her up and found that she must be on British TV about 24/7. She has been a regular in three recent series in the UK: Holby City, Murder in Suburbia, and New Street Law. She is still only 34 or 35, even though The Lover was filmed 16 years ago!

Film clip here. Caps below.







This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Mixed bag today:

Two films from Lizzie Brochere: Chacun se Nuit and Septembre et Moi

Two films from Elise Teilrooy: Sempre Vivu and La Prophetie d'Avignon

One appearance by Melanie Bernier: Sa Majeste Minor

One appearance by Myriam Mezieres: Une Flamme dans mon Coeur







Definitely the pic o' the day: Alicia Silverstone all but topless

This goes with yesterday's film clip of Bettina Zimmermann in The Search for the Treasure of the Nibelung. Oh, those crafty Nibelungs. They had so many secrets.


Film clips

Two films with Anita Caprioli: I Demoni di San Pietroburgo and Uno su due

Two Sylvia Kristel classics: Lady Chatterley's Lover and La Marge

A preview of the premiere of season 3 of Dexter: Julie Benz. (Kinda nude, but in stygian darkness.)