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La Poliziotta Fa Carriera


"Confessions of a Lady Cop" (or more literally "The Policewoman Makes a Career") is sort of an Italian precursor to Police Academy. It's an Edwige Fenech slapstick comedy which was popular enough to spawn two sequels.

Fenech plays the daughter of an apartment house doorman, but dreams of becoming a policewoman. Her obvious charms do not go unnoticed, and she is accepted to the police academy. While she had some misadventures at the academy, her "talents" got her through graduation, and she instantly came to the attention of the police commissioner. Her first few assignments did not go well, but she ended up a hero while remaining a virgin - barely.

The film is filled with recurring gags. The police commissioner has terrible luck at office gadgets like a water fountain and a buzzer, while Fenech likes to hit other cars with hers.

If you are an Edwige Fenech fan, you should see it because she is in nearly every scene, showing her perfect breasts in three scenes, and looking sexy even when dressed. Regrettably, the film is not available in English or with English subtitles. sells a region 2 PAL in Italian with the extremely redundant feature of Italian subtitles. Of course, much of the humor is visual and physical, so the language problem is not as bad as it could be, but I would really like to see a dubbed, or at least a subtitled version of this film. As it was, I enjoyed it even though I do not speak Italian.


IMDb readers say 4.0 with only 28 votes.

Grade for the film: C+

Grade for this release: C+ if you speak Italian. Otherwise, caveat emptor.


Confessions of a Pop Performer (1975)



Edwige Fenech









A double feature day.


Heaven's Prisoners

Yesterday we had Teri Hatcher in "Cool Surface." Today she returns, stark naked in the famous balcony scene.






From a lousy horror movie we do have some delicious T & A from Alexxus Young. "Rub-a-Dub-Dub", I wish she was in my tub.






Notes and collages

Five Easy Pieces (Day 2)

Karen Black








Lady Jane

A 20 year old Helena Bonham Carter plays a 15 year old Lady Jane Grey, cousin of the young King Edward and a fanatical Protestant who is maneuvered into taking the throne after Edward's death, also at the age of 15. There are many discussions about whether the movie is truth to history, but either way it is not that bad. If you don't care about historical correctness, its watchable.


Helena Bonham Carter









Off the Map


Joan Allen










Another great film clip of Rachel Miner in Californication, this time from episode 4. There's no explicit nudity, but her butt is mostly uncovered, and it's a very entertaining fetish scene.

A film clip of Mercedes McNab in Hatchet. The new horror film opens this Friday, but in only 70 theaters across the entire United States. Although distributors have no confidence in it, it is rated a very solid 7.3 at IMDb, and Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News picked it as one of his ten favorite films of 2006! (Based on festival screenings.) From our point of view, the essential point is that the woman who played Harmony in "Buffy" and "Angel" is nekkid!
A film clip of Evy Lutzky and Nicole Nocintino in Consequences (sample right). It's an indie from a first-time director. The movie has been generaly dissed, but there's nothing timid about the sex scene. (Evy is the blonde.)
A film clip of Kathleen Lancaster in Shanghai Kiss (sample right), which is better known as the new Hayden Panettierre movie. Hayden, the hot chick from "Heroes,"  stays clothed.