TV Recap

Lela Loren did another sex scene on Power (s3e8) in 1080hd

Here again is the premiere episode of Cleverman, this time in 1080hd

Alexis Lane

Leanna Walsman

Here's Klaudia Waszak in the premiere episode of Commissioner of Murder, a new Polish series, in 720p

Here are two recent episodes of La Treve, a new french series (from Defoe in 1080hd)

Edwige Bailey in episode two

Sophie Breyer in episode three

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2016, 1920x1038

Ellen Page

This week, movies from the mid 2000s:

Garden State

Garden State (2004) shows a number of women in their underwear:

Amy Ferguson,

Natalie Portman

and Wynter Kullman.


Alix Benezech, Julia Gratens and Salome de Maat in Les Vilains (2016) in 1080hd

Sawa Masaki and the duo of Isabelle Carre and Mudi Kadowaki in Le Coeur Regulier (2015) in 1080hd

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Kaitlyn Sapp




Dichen Lachman film clip (collage below)

TV/Film Clips

Naomie Harris in Our Kind of Traitor (2016), now in 1080hd


Paris Hilton see-thru