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in 1920x1080


Kerry Condon (samples below)



Hot Springs Hotel

Continuing Hot Springs Hotel (1997), the soft core series. Samantha Phillips and Glori Gold were the two females who ran the hotel. There were plenty of boobs and bums but no bush. The occasional crotch shot that creeps in shows that the actresses were using patches.

The other problem was the credits, which were a work of fiction. Some actresses weren't listed in the credits, some listed in the credits weren't actually in the show and some credits were just plain wrong.  I managed to identify the vast majority particularly with the help of the Internet but there are a couple of gaps.

Episode 8 - Bachelorette Party

Deborah Seligman - breasts


Glori Gold - breasts

Sabrina Allen - breasts

Unknown - cleavage by other women

Episode 9 - Theo & the Model

Glori Gold - breasts

Raquel Krupshaw - breasts

Samantha Phillips - sexy

Tracy Garrison - breasts

Episode 10 - To Your Health

C C Costigan - breasts

Diane Cuevas - breasts


Glori Gold - cleavage

Samantha Phillips - underwear

Sandra St Cyr - sexy

Victoria Vogel - sexy

Unknown - some lovely thong action

Episode 11 - Hole in One

Avalon Anders - breasts

Glori Gold - cleavage

Kirsten Carlstrand - breasts

Sandra St Cyr - sexy

Sherry Eckert - topless

Unknown - a few shots of bikini-clad women





Dark comedy based on a true event too bizarre even for Hollywood to make up.

Mena Suvari: boob and butt having sex.

Sharlene Royer: full frontal and some vag shots getting her butt whipped by Mena.

Dark Arc


Recent DVD release.

Sarah Strange: fully clothed sex.

Comment conquerir l'Amerique

(2004; AKA "How to Conquer America in One Night")

Light Quebec comedy about interracial dating.

Sophie Faucher: fully clothed sex.

Les dangereux

(2002; aka "The Dangerous Ones")

Another Quebec light comedy about diva getting kidnapped.

Veronique Cloutier: cleavage.

Dominique Quesnel: upskirt.

Dancing Trees


Katie Boland: brassiere being helped getting dressed by Brooke Burns.

Lies My Mother Told Me

(2005 TV movie)

Another Lifetime movie.

Joely Richardson: lingerie.

Kailin See: bra and panties, bra-less in tank top.

"Rescue Me"

episode: "Legacy" (s6e01)

Season six opener for the final season.

Andrea Roth: nice downblouse.

Julissa Bermudez: hot latina bartender.


episode: "Sins of the Father" (s1e01)

New cable series that started last week.

Camille Sullivan already stripped down to her bra and panties within five minutes

April Telek: sexy as bartender.

5ive Days to Midnight

(2004 TV movie)

Kari Matchett: cleavage, partial boob in bubble bath.




Jessica Alba in The Killer Inside Me

Kate Hudson in The Killer Inside Me

Caitlin Turner in The Killer Inside Me

Julia Roberts in a bikini

Karissa Shannon wardrobe malfunction

Julia Ormond in The Baby of Macon

Anne Archer and Doogie Howser in The Man in the Attic. The usual Anne Archer M.O., no visible face, probably a body double.



Clemence Poesy in Sans Moi (sample below)

Julie  Sokolowski in Hadewijch (sample below)

Robin Moler in The Weather Man (sample below)

Shiva Gholamianzadeh, Eugenie Anselin, and Isabelle Caillat in Verso (samples below)




Heather Kelly and Jessica Hall in Mr Jingles (samples below)



Today's HD clip from Emmanuelle: Kristel, Boisson and Colletin

Michaela Mann in Heart of America

Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth (no nudity, but entertaining!)

Three more films with Laura Morante:

Paz Gomes and Ana Obregon, also in La mirada del otro

Zooey Deschanel and Jena Malone in The Go-Getter