• Don't think about skipping over Dann's section just because we've covered that film many times before. He came up with a new wrinkle on it. Dann combed through the deleted scenes in Virgin Territory and found some Kate Groombridge full frontal nudity!
  • Charlie's French Cinema Nudity site is updated. Some corresponding vids can be found in his section below.


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










Superbadazz is a pseudo-comedy about two ghetto misfits. One lives in his car, the other has just been informed that he will have to pay room and board at home, so is sleeping in the backyard. One of the guys owes a gambling debt as well. Since they spend, literally, every penny they have at a strip club, they hit on the idea of starting their own, and one of them volunteers his parents' basement as the location. The makeshift gentlemen's establishment gives new meaning to the term "ghetto," and the women they recruit are not exactly "A" list clothing removal specialists. One is deaf; another has a hole in her throat and talks with the aid of a vibrator; a third has Tourettes Syndrome; yet another has a peg leg.

I suppose a good lowbrow comedy could be forged from that premise, but this is not it. Bad taste humor is difficult to negotiate because without good jokes it's just offensive, and that's where this cheaply constructed film ends up.

There is quite a bit of nudity, but the exposure consists of T&A only, from A.J. Kahn, Molly Heartbreaker and Jackie Stevens.

A.J. Kahn


Molly Heartbreaker

Jackie Stevens 17








Love for Sale


We'll have a little foreign film fun today as a well endowed Hermila Guedes shows off her charms in Love for Sale. Never saw her before, but wouldn't mind seeing more,






Notes and collages

Animal Instincts II


Shannon Whirry. Part 6 of 6







The Essex Boys


Alex Kingston looked so spectacular in her full frontal scenes in this movie that poor Holly Davidson was barely noticed. By the way, she is Sadie Frost's much younger sister.

Film clip here. Collages below.







Virgin Territory


This costume comedy, set in 14th-century Italy and based on the classic The Decameron, is silly but still a lot of fun, with the bonus of being loaded with gorgeous women. However, a classic it isn't.

Ladies man Lorenzo falls for rich and beautiful Pampinea, but the evil Gerbino and Russian Count Dzerzhinsky want her for themselves. Things get more complicated when Lorenzo is hurt and picked up by nuns, who take him to the convent where he is put to work as a gardener/stud. Yes, seems these nuns were not quite chaste.

The deleted scenes had a nice (but poor quality) full frontal of Kate Groombridge. Supposedly, it was cut for being "sexually contentious," but it was really pretty tame for an R rated movie, and I suspect the real reason it was cut is there weren't a lot of bikini cuts in the 14th century. It's included in the collage and clips.

Fun no-brainer comedy has plenty of laughs and plenty of yummy women, which makes up for its shortcomings.

Kate Groombridge Elisabetta Canalis Mamie McCoy Chiara Gensini and Silvia Colloca







This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

These first two are not from Defoe, but match up with Charlie's collages of the week from Les Femmes de l'ombre. There are also samples below each clip.

Julie Depardieu and Marie_Gillain

Deborah Francois



The next one is from Defoe and matches Charlie's collages of Melanie Thierry in "ecorches"

The other clips below do not match Charlie's update from this week.

Four movies with Jeanne Goupil

And two with Julie Gayet








Annamaria Clementi in The Night Nurse

Julia Schacht in Next Door

Aitana Sanchez-Gijon In Parlami d'Amore

Caroline Crescenti in Parlami d'Amore

Two identical pics, allegedly of Meredith Salenger, allegedly taken from her Myspace page

Laetitia Casta. 'Nuff said.


Film clips