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Rachel Ward in the film:


Rachel Ward in the deleted scenes.


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Confessions of a Pop Performer


Timothy Lea's Confessions of a Pop Performer was the second of four British sex farces in the Confessions series, which started with Confessions of a Window Washer, and was followed by Confessions of a Driving Instructor and Confessions from a Summer Camp. Think "Carry On," but with more sex and nudity. All featured the omnipresent Robin Askwith as a bungling inept young man who does well with the birds. Although released with X ratings which banned viewers under 18, the Confessions films were huge box office successes when they were originally released, and teenagers competed for the bragging rights which came from having snuck into one. They draw high ratings even today, when they are rerun on Channel 5. BBC wrote:

"Real success came to Askwith in 1974 when he made "Confessions of a Window Cleaner." A huge hit at the UK box office it went on to spawn "Confessions of a Pop Performer," "Confessions of a Driving Instructor," and "Confessions from a Holiday Camp." Despite the low budgets and seedy plots it was a remarkably successful series. And if you think that people were clearly bonkers in the 70s, then how do you explain the repeats of these films featuring amongst Channel 5's highest ratings these days?"

I generally do not like Askwith, but he was less over-the-top here, and hence more likable. This time, Robin's brother-in-law decides to manage a pop band as a path to fame and riches. When the drummer gets his fingers caught in an old lady's ear trumpet, Askwith steps in as drummer. His resemblance to Mick Jagger leads to one of the comedy moments when a teeny bopper thinks he is Mick and traps him in a prop room. Two police officers enter looking for them. When they don't see them, the police start to take off their kits and get amorous. Our hero and his dolly bird escape as the head and behind of a pantomime horse.

IMDb has this at 1.6 based on 278 votes. The top 1000 voters score it 1.2, with 73 of the 89 voters awarding it the minimum score. In fact, all four entries in the Confessions series are rated below 4.0 at IMDb. So film snobs don't like lowbrow sex comedies? No surprise there. If you do like them, this is actually better than the average 70s British sex farce. While the genre may be generally disrespected by oh-so-serious film buffs, this film is definitely a keeper if you like that sort of thing. I do, and this film's blend of innuendo, double entendre, slapstick, sex and nudity is my idea of a good time.

Grade: C+ (Highly recommended for genre fans.)


Confessions of a Pop Performer (1975)

It is only available from on a region 2 , 4 and 5 PAL DVD.

Linda Regan, as half of the Climax Sisters, shows buns. Irene Gorst, as the cop, strips to her bra, garter and knickers. Maggie Wright, Anita Kay, Jill Gascoine and Andee Cromarty show everything.


Linda Regan



Irene Gorst



Maggie Wright



Anita Kay



Jill Gascoine



Andee Cromartie




Unknown 1



Unknown 2




Unknown 3










The Cool Surface

This is not a good movie at all, but its saving grace is that it features a very young Teri Hatcher who was willing to give up some pretty nice breast exposure before she became  a major player. So this is one where you just forget about the plot and enjoy the eye candy.






Notes and collages

Five Easy Pieces

Sally Struthers








The Ferryman

Sometimes you start to watch a movie and know there is going to be nudity, so you make assumptions about who will do it and who is not going to show much. Your guesses would all be wrong here.

There are 3 women in the movie:

  • Kerry Fox, who has been showing her rack for a long time even to the extent of Intimacy
  • Amber Sainsbury, who is the main female character
  • and Sally Stockwell, who plays a more sexually charge character.

Well, Kerry's rack right now is not something you may want to show on film, and the actresses who play the good girl in horror movies don't show much, so I would have bet all my money on Sally, and I would have lost, because there was nudity but not from her.

Or really was there nudity...?

I have friends in the "horror" business, and I have learned that if you can't sell your movie with a pitch that you have to add something extra. This time the pitch wasn't enough. A group of friends charter a boat to Fiji, but on their way they cross paths with a killer, not a regular one, one with super-normal powers. He jumps from friend to friend throughout the movie. Amber's character, the good girl, finds in her dreams how to stop it and does so.

The movie is not bad but probably didn't find distribution, so here comes the catch. There is a "second ending," where the only female survivor shows the goods. That was Amber. There was no other way to do this and add the nudity that lot of distributors ask for. So, I could bet that neither the nudity nor the second ending was in the original script and they added that to sell the movie.


Amber Sainsbury



Sally Stockwell








La niña santa



Es invierno en la ciudad de La Ciénaga. Después de los ensayos de coro las chicas se reúnen en la iglesia a discutir temas doctrinarios. Por esos días las conversaciones giran en torno a la vocación. ¿Qué quiere Dios de mí? ¿Cómo distinguir entre la tentación del Diablo y el llamado de Dios? Las adolescentes Amalia y Josefina, cuando no participan acaloradamente de la discusión, hablan en secreto de los besos de lengua.

Josefina viene de una típica familia de clase media de provincia, Amalia en cambio, vive en el Hotel Termas, que pertenece a su familia y donde vive con su madre Helena y su tío Freddy.

Durante esos días se está llevando a cabo un congreso de otorrinolaringología. El hotel está lleno de médicos. En la calle, la gente se arremolina para ver a un hombre que ejecuta un instrumento estrafalario: un thereminvox. Entre la multitud está Amalia. Un hombre, detrás, se apoya sexualmente sobre ella. Más tarde, en el hotel, descubre que ese hombre es el Dr. Jano, uno de los prestigiosos otorrinolaringólogos del congreso.

Amalia durante días espía al médico. Jano jamás advierte su presencia, pero sí la de la madre, Helena, a quien en la adolescencia admiró por ser una gran nadadora, y por la que se ha sentido nuevamente atraído. Helena disfruta enormemente de la pudorosa atención que le prodiga este hombre, sin muchas esperanzas. Sabe que está casado y que tiene una familia.

Amalia anuncia a su amiga Josefina que ya tiene una misión: salvar a un solo hombre.

El mundo de este respetado médico de provincia, atrapado en una trama de buenas intenciones, está a punto de desplomarse.



It is winter in La Ciénaga. After a choir rehearsal, some girls meet in a church to discuss the relationship between man and God. How can one distinguish between the temptation of the Devil and the call of God? What does God want of us?

One of the girls is Amalia, who lives with her mother and uncle in the Hotel Termas, which belongs to their family. One day, in a crowd outside the hotel, Amalia is touched inappropriately by an older man, who turns out to be a distinguished physician attending a convention in her family's hotel. Amalia starts to spy on the doctor, but he never notices her presence. He is attracted to her mother, whom he admired in his adolescence, when she was a famous swimmer. The mother enjoys the attention, but holds out no great hopes for a relationship because she knows the doctor is married and has a family.

Back in the church, Amalia announces to her friend that she has finally found her mission from God: to save a single man. Despite her good intentions, the world of this respected provincial doctor is about to collapse.



Julieta Zylberberg and Maria Alche



Mercedes Moran









Film clips of Maria Theresa Rossini and Natacha Amal in Gialloparma


Sybil Danning in God's Gun
Sybil Danning in Naughty Nymphs
Felicity Huffman in Georgia Rule






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin may announce soon that he plans to run for governor of Louisiana, with a campaign based on his stewardship of New Orleans.

*  Well, that does qualify him to be governor of Louisiana.

A gang of seven Romanian burglars in Alessandria, Italy, proved that taking candy from a baby isn't so easy.  They raided a house and among the items they stole was a handful of lollipops bought for the homeowner's child.  They sucked on them, then dumped them half-eaten just a few yards from the house they'd robbed.   Police collected DNA off the lollipops, matched it to the burglars, and identified them as being behind 78 robberies in the past three months.

* "Suckers!! "

Patrick Hamman, 22, of Des Moines, Iowa, was arrested Sunday for domestic battery for allegedly attacking his father with a bag of Cheetos. The police report said he threw the bag at his dad's face, and it hit his glasses, cutting the bridge of his nose.  It added that the dad's T-shirt "was also covered in Cheeto dust."  Police said Hamman admitted he was on methamphetamines at the time of the

*  See, if he'd been smoking pot, he never would've thrown away those Cheetos.

Whoopi Goldberg made her debut on "The View" in controversial style by defending Michael Vick, saying he might not have realized dogfighting is bad because he's from the South where it's part of the

* Like lynchings, which is why he never realized it's bad to hang a dog ...


On this day in 1698, Russian ruler Peter the Great imposed a tax on

*  And once again, taxpayers took it on the chin.