A few more "early looks" from LC:

  • Rare nudity from Rebecca Gayheart in S1E1 of Vanished. (Zipped .avi)
  • The French actress Sara Forestier in a 2006 movie entitled Hell (Zipped .avi)
  • Shoshannah Stern in S2E3 of Weeds (Zipped .avi)

A nudity classic. A very young, very topless Kate Beckinsale in Uncovered (Two .avis zipped together)




The big guy slams number 53!
(Thus managing at least one more day before the Phillies return him to the minors for more seasoning.)

Weekend Box Office Results for September 1-4, 2006
  • There 's not a lot of excitement in the numbers. Virtually every film performed as expected, and the total was about even with last year's Labor Day Weekend.
  • The only good story is the one about the two little engines that could. Distributors had little enthusiasm for Little Miss Sunshine and The Illusionist, despite their sterling reviews, but they have both used word-of-mouth and solid trial performances to expand every week and become minor hits. They occupy the #4 and #5 slots on the chart.
  • N.B.: They are the two best-reviewed films on the list, and Little Miss Sunshine (93% at Rotten Tomatoes) is vying for the best reviews of the year.

CNN Switches to All-Polygamy Format ... Becomes First 24-Hour Polygamy News Network

Banksy targets Paris Hilton ...  'Guerrilla artist' replaces heiress's CDs in shops with doctored versions

Hey, grandpa, you're too old for the internet

Study: Floridians Are Tastiest Americans

... Troops Tend To Handheld Virtual Families, thanks to Tamagotchi

Hollywood happy with summer box-office take (A pretty good review of the results from the AP)

Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin has been killed in a freak accident at sea



Movie Reviews:

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Dorm Daze 2 (2006)

This is the latest comedy offering from National Lampoon. In this sequel, some of the cast returns, but the film moves from a dorm to a college cruise. The entire film was shot about the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The plot features two competing drama departments. Each is to put on a play, and the panel of experts will pick a winner. These are supposedly the two finalists, but they are rehearsing constantly because they don't know their lines. Makes one wonder how they won the semis.

If I explain the nudity, it will go a long ways towards explaining the film. One of the two teams consists of Lola Davidson, Suzy McCoppin and Heather Storm. Their entire "post modern" play consists of baring their breasts, then bouncing up and down. Oh, that's how they won the semis. Vida Guerra eventually shows cleavage and buns, but spends much of the film promoting her "abstinence is awesome" cause. Julia Beatty is first seen as a pole dancer in some exotic port, and later anchors a shower scene. One of the characters tries to get a girl drunk, someone throws the glass in his face. Eyes burning, he runs to take a shower, but ends up in the girls. They attack him with rolled up towels. We see plenty of boobs as well as some buns. Jasmin St. Claire, a former porn actress who specialized in gangbangs, assays the challenging role of a former porn actress who specialized in gangbangs. Now the captain's wife, she entertains an endless stream of young men in their cabin. One of our young thespians is masturbating to one of her films, and recognizes her. He threatens to expose her past to the captain unless she comes across.

The play is centered around the theft of a large diamond, and a murder mystery. Coincidentally, a real diamond has been stolen. That is where the monkey comes in. "What monkey?" you rightly ask. Well, the one they buy for $100 with the promise that they can grind his bones and get high. The monkey was trained as a thief, and adds to the mayhem when they can't bring themselves to kill him.

In the included commentary, the director indicated that the film was intended for a young audience. It is possible that is why I was less than impressed. The BPM, or boobs per minute, count was great, but the plot was silly and much of the humor slapstick.

This is a C as a titty-fest. It would be sub-C as a comedy.

Lola Davidson, Suzy McCoppin and Heather Storm
Vida Guerra
Julia Beatty
Jasmin St Claire
shower chicks






More of Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade

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