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Farewell, My Lovely (1975)

Bob Mitchum had a unique screen personality. To every role, war hero or criminal, he brought a presence that said, "I won't talk a lot, but I'll listen to you if you aren't too irritating. It's just that talkin' takes a lot of energy. I'll even let you give me a little shit, because gettin' riled up is a waste of energy, but pushin' me to far would be a mistake."  He was the embodiment of a certain type of quiet strength. Oh, yeah, Gregory Peck had some of the same sort of persona, but in a God-fearin', sexless way. Bob Mitchum took that Peck thing and added several more layers: sexual charisma, danger, world-weariness, cynicism, even a hint of sleaze. Mitchum even went to jail on a marijuana rap back in the days when people thought the ganja was about a hair's breadth from heroin. I suppose Peck could probably have played the menacing Max Cady effectively, but I doubt he'd have wanted too. And Mitchum probably could have played Atticus Finch, but would they have wanted him?

Mitchum, the quintessential American type, got two tries at playing the honest detective known as Marlowe, a quintessential American character created by Raymond Chandler. In both cases, the films were remakes of wartime classics. Farwell, My Lovely was a remake of 1944's Murder, My Sweet, which starred Dick Powell as Marlowe. The Big Sleep was a remake of an eponymous 1946 film (originally filmed in 1944) which starred Bogie himself. Bogie WAS Philip Marlowe, possessing Marlowe's same sense of integrity so stubbornly ingrained that it led him into inconvenient directions, sometimes even into decisions contrary to his own self-interest. More than one underage starlet reported having been picked up by Bogie at a Hollywood party and driven home - to her parents! That is exactly what Marlowe himself would have done.

I like Bogie in the role better than Mitchum, but I like Mitchum better than anyone else I've ever seen in it, and I like his interpretation of the obligatory voice-over narration better than anyone's. His voice carried just the right combination of resignation, idealism, and cynicism. Farewell, My Lovely is the better of Mitchum's two Marlowes, and in fact is quite a good movie. Chandler's novels are very difficult to whittle down to screenplays because they are so complicated, and because all the characters are disingenuous except Marlowe himself. It's difficult to follow a plot based on dialogue when every single character is lying or hiding something. The other Marlowe films have worked because of atmosphere, wit and style, not because of careful or understandable plotting. Farewell, My Lovely is different. The plot is still complicated as hell, but it's reasonably easy to follow. After watching the movie, I pulled out my copy of the book and skimmed through it to see how the screenwriter approached the project, and I finished that exercise very impressed. The film's story is like the novel's story, but details have been omitted and even changed entirely. Sometimes the complete focal point of a scene has been shifted. And it all works - possibly even better than the novel, although one always misses all the intricate details that can be explored in a book. My hat is off to screenwriter David Zelag Goodman.

I had never heard the name of David Zelag Goodman before writing this article, and was fascinated to see that he wrote some respected screenplays in the early 1970s and then just kind of disappeared. IMDb offers no clues to this mystery.

Goodman not only did a good job at condensing the plot, but he also layered in some clever parallels between Marlowe's cases and the events happening in the world at the time. For example, things go well for Marlowe at the beginning of the film. He solves two missing persons in two days and also manages to pick up an incredibly hot rich chick, so he mentally compares himself to DiMaggio, who was at the time just a few games shy of the all-time hit record. As DiMaggio passes the record and keeps adding to his record, a cocky Marlowe wonders if DiMaggio will just keep hitting in every game forever (implying that he may do the same, although Marlowe is too modest to say so directly). Of course, DiMaggio is finally stymied by a couple of mediocre pitchers, because all streaks must end. Marlowe's own streak meets a similar fate, disappointing him and breaking his heart, but ultimately enriching us by providing fodder for the usual poetic and melancholy voice-over musings.

The film delivers a comprehensible plot, some touching moments, and some great Marlowe narration from Mitchum. In addition, there are all the atmospheric elements you need in 1941 Los Angeles: neon signs flashing on and off, sassy dames, drunken floozies, big galoots, wise guys, ugly mugs, washed-up fighters, crooked cops, crookeder politicos, lots of street slang, and Harry Dean Stanton. In my book, that pretty much makes Farewell, My Lovely a must-see if you like film noir of the hard-boiled detective variety.

Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith


'Caps and comments by Hankster:

Today we wander off into Crimson Ghost territory as we look at "Deviant Obsession".

The star is Brick Randall, and we see that she is built like a brick as she beds just about every male who appears in the movie. Plenty of robo-hooter exposure.

Brick Randall

Gabriella Hall shows up and strangely keeps her clothes on. She does show some nice cleavage thoug. Must be there was not enough money in the budget to get her to take them off.

Gabriella Hall

A couple of porn stars are also in the cast. The first is Angelica Sin, who gives it all up.

Angelica Sin

Finally, Venus gives us some boobage. They both play strippers naturally.


Crimson Ghost
Today from the Ghost...Here is Adult Film star Kaylani Lei doing the softcore thing in scenes from an episode of the late night cable series "Sex Games Vegas".

Kaylani Lei

'Caps and comments by Oz:

"The Big Bounce"
Sara Foster's blurry pseudo streak in The Big Bounce (2004) has appeared a few times before but there's also a bit of sex appeal by Bebe Neuwirth and Anahit Minasyan.

Sara Foster

Bebe Neuwirth

Anahit Minasyan

"The Last Ride"
Plenty of cleavage by Nadine Velazquez in The Last Ride (2004), and she is also down to her underwear.

Nadine Velazquez

"Lovers and Other Strangers"
I'm not sure how we didn't see a Bonnie Bedelia nipple in these caps from Lovers and Other Strangers (1970) but it was so close. Some nice caps by Marian Hailey and Anne Meara.

Bonnie Bedelia

Marian Hailey

Anne Meara

"Sexual Life"
Azura Skye is a prostitute in Sexual Life but always keeps her bra on - bit of a turn off. We see some beautiful pokies by Anne Heche and a naked, but distant, stripper. Elizabeth Banks and Kerry Washington add to the eye candy.

Azura Skye

Anne Heche

Elizabeth Banks

Kerry Washington


"Some Girls"
The only visible nudity in Some Girls (1989) is a fleeting couple of flashes by Sheila Kelley. Jennifer Connolly and Ashley Greenfield are in their underwear and Lila Kedrova is there for those collecting an old-age pension.

Sheila Kelley

Jennifer Connolly

Ashley Greenfield

Lila Kedrova

"Ā Tout de Suite"
Isild Le Besco is not the most beautiful of actresses but is more than willing to strip off. In Ā Tout de Suite (2004) we get to see all of her.

Isild Le Besco

"Flashback - Mörderische Ferien"
There is a brief, blurry nipple flash by Valerie Niehaus in Flashback - Mörderische Ferien (2000), aka Murderous Vacation. There's also a bit of an upskirt by a good-looking Marina Mehlinger.

Valerie Niehaus

Marina Mehlinger

Julia Ormond is down to her bra when she has a quickie in Captives (1994).

Julia Ormond

"Erotic Tales - The Gas Station"
A bit of cleavage by Ellen Ten Damme in an episode from the Erotic Tales series called The Gas Station (2000).

Ellen Ten Damme

"Final Combination"
Some topless views of Susan Byun and Lisa Bonet in Final Combination (1994).

Susan Byun

Lisa Bonet

"Dead by Monday"
No nudity but some nice views of Helen Baxendale and Guylaine St Onge in Dead by Monday (2000).

Helen Baxendale

Guylaine St Onge

"The Right Temptation"
It's a similar story in The Right Temptation (2000) where we see Rebecca De Mornay showing a bit of leg.

Rebecca De Mornay

"Solomon and Sheba"
It's cleavage by Halle Berry in Solomon and Sheba (1995).

Halle Berry

"Rumble Fish"
There's a bit of a nipple by a sexy Diane Lane in Rumble Fish (1983) and some bare breasts by some girls having a bit of a rumble. There's a group of five women and I'm not sure which ones actually did the nudity.

Diane Lane


"Stone Cold"
Stone Cold (1991) shows a topless Laura Albert and some unknown strippers.

Laura Albert

Unknown Strippers

"For the Love of the Game"
Laura Cayouette is down to her underwear in For the Love of the Game (1999).

Laura Cayouette

Here are some excellent, high quality production stills of Canadian actress Lauren Lee Smith topless in scenes from the not-yet-released film, "Lie With Me".

Most folks probably recognize her from from the sci-fi series "Mutant X", or from her guest appearances on "The L Word".

French babe Emmanuelle Béart looking quite nice topless in love scenes from "Histoire de Marie et Julien" aka "The Story of Marie and Julien" (2003).

American audiences probably know her best from her starring role in the first "Mission: Impossible" movie.

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The trailer for Forty Shades of Blue

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